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LoopToys is a stand-alone application project based on the freeware SuperCollider 3 (v. 3.3.1) for OSX from 10.4 (please read 18th and 21th March 2018 notes below concerning OSX versions compatibility with LoopToys). It is highly recommended to use an Intel based computer as LoopToys Works, the developing version, becomes more and more powerful with the time (nevertheless some corrections or modifications make it work more fluently too sometimes, compared to previous versions).
I’s an all-in-one granulator-looper-disk rec/player.
To start LoopToys Works just unzip the downloaded file and double-click on the application, then when opened, cmd-r to run it (that second step won’t be necessary, of course, within the finalized version).

Download the last update (unless you need to come back to an old version for some reason) of LoopToys Works whether you want to use it or develop it (depending on the knowledge you get from SuperCollider 3 : if it’s null then you still can go and watch the comments (//) in the last «part/LoopToys X.x part.rtf» and use it as a partial help, find some things «manually» too... But if you want, for example, to be able to modify the application, then you’ll have to get a real understanding of SC3 and LoopToys). Go to http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/ if you want to know a little about SC3.

I’ll make a finalized version (not «Works» anymore) when I feel it can pretend to be a really complete program.

If you own an iPad (or an iPhone, with a little adaptation), it is recommanded to download a TouchOSC layout (last one for the last LoopToys version and some previous) which is really adapted to LoopToys and allows you to send commands via MIDI (using Audio Midi Setup’s WIFI «Network», TouchOSC Bridge app., or a ‘MIDI Mobilizer’ interface, or any other way you find).

Using Jack (http://www.jackosx.com/) will allow you to use any sound application output as an (mic/line) input into LoopToys (and vice-versa). But strangely, in OSX 10.6.8 at least, it won’t work if you don’t select Jack as input/output into the System Preferences’ «Sound» preference, due to the way SC 3.3.1 was implemented. So choose «System» in the «Settings» -> «Audio Device» menu in LoopToys in that case.
Using the DAW Ardour (http://ardour.org) as a multi-tracks mix player from which you’ll make, using a track or another alternatively, some loops in real time into LoopToys, is possible using Jack. Ardour indeed, if you choose (in its own «Audio/MIDI setup» menu) «Jack» as its «Audio System», will create an output from every track’s channel into Jack so that you can select precisely what Ardour channel to route to what application’s channel, and vice-versa.

Be careful to follow each new update from the one you started with, to understand the global evolution, adds, corrections, otherwise you’d have to read the whole Manual to know what’s new at each new LoopToys release. And if you make setups be careful to download and run all updates (from your last version) that need a «Save All Setups» process to be done. Knowing that if missing, a «Default» setup is automatically created (and opened) when running, if you don’t need to keep any setup (including «Default») from an update to another distant one (with a «Save All Setup» in between), you don’t need to download (-> Run -> Save All Setups) each intermediate version (needing a «Save All Setup») : just delete, at least, the «Default» setup and a new one will be created, adapted to the last update you’re running. So be aware that if you go directly from an old version (not the previous one) to the last update, unless no «Save All Setups» has to be done in between, your setups may not be able to work anymore in any version after a «Save All Setups» (or single setup savings with «H» key) ! Apart from that it’s always good to keep a copy of your setups (just make a compressed (like «.zip») version of the ~/Music/LoopToys folder before any «Save All Setups»), because in case of errors it won’t always be easy to build them back !

You can email me at : loopthom(at)soulez.xyz if you’ve got changes, updates, proposals, ideas, remarks etc. to make. I can also inform you of updates releases regularly, just ask for it (don’t change the header)

Notes (reading, at least from about the LoopToys release you use, is necessary, not optional) :

    - 6 April 2019 : A bad news I didn’t notice until I use Mavericks : it’s not possible to recompile (cmd-k) anymore from this OS (I made the test in MacOS 10.11 and I get the same result) because of the MIDI initialization that crashes the app if running (cmd-r) afterward. Ordinary users shouldn’t need to recompile anyway, but if needed, just quit & restart the app.

    - 21 March 2018 : I’ve just upgraded to OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks) and LoopToys runs well on it !

    - 18 March 2018 : Since I (recently) installed OSX 10.8.5, I realized (after some topics viewing) that LoopToys won’t work (because of the «scroll view» included in SCView.sc and whose C(++) basis is compiled and not modifiable unless you recompile everything) at least on some versions of 10.7 (Lion) and probably never on 10.8.. (Mountain Lion). This was not predictable and very strange though because I installed OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) a couple of years ago and LoopToys worked on it (since now I essentially use 10.6.8 nevertheless, and I think I’ll continue for using / implementing LoopToys at least, because of problems of 10.11 compatibility with other surrounding softwares, hardware (the Mbox 2 I still use), System booting and Finder’s relative slowness... but I won’t forget to regularly continue verifying LoopToys works well in 10.11). I don’t know how a SC 3.3.1 class is no more compatible from 10.7.. and compatible at new in 10.11, but it’s like that ! And it would be quite long and complicated to adapt LoopToys to more recent SC 3 versions because of some deprecated classes, and knowing that compatibility is finally maintained with 10.11 ... Concerning other OSX’s like Maverick, Yosemite, Sierra (etc.) : I didn’t try any of these yet (no time for taking the risk of new software incompatibilities...), but if some of LoopToys users did, let them email it to me at soulthom_neuf_fr  loopthom(at)soulez.xyz, I’ll share the infos. Thanks.

    - 23 May 2017 : A new crucial  LoopToys (updated 8 June 2017) release (and TouchOSC layout) with bugs fixed and important improvements, especially now settings (prefs) are saved within the newly (automatically) renamed directory «~/Music/LoopToys» (replacing the old «.../LoopToys_Setups»), app. crashing after too many runs fixed, sound editing etc.  Check last (and following) release(s) for details below.

    - 6 December 2016 : At last, the LoopToys version (improved and debugged, see below in Downloads) finally including the Help (Manual), is released ! A new menu named «LoopToys» replaces the old «Run» menu now, containing the «Run» and the «Manual» sub-menus at the same time.

    - 17 June (& 2 Aug.) 2016 : I’m allowing myself a break (but (2 August add) found a stupid bug in the last LoopToys version, updated at last, see last release below) in all (important) activities around the electroacoustic thing at the moment, maybe some non planned performance from time to time but no more programming untill the end of the summer, I would say. I’m realizing I really need this stop as I nearly continuously implemented LoopToys since so many years from now, and I had some long and sometimes difficult work to do to for the last LoopToys release. Making an Help file for LoopToys is complicated because of the number of possibilities of the freeware, and I need a rest before finishing the programming for the next release which should accompany this Help file.
    So all of you, have a good summer time and sure we’ll get back to it in some months,

    - 25 Oct. 2015 & 11 Feb. & 30 (updated 14) March 2016 & 16 May 2016 : new LoopToys and TouchOSC layout versions released. Were needed because of too many bugs finally (14 March : essentialy a very important and old bug concerning automatically starting manual recording in Trace, see below), but were the occasions of improvements and modifications too. It doesn’t stop me from continuing working on the Help, which will (still !) be released someday in the future... See you !

    - 10 16 Oct. 2015 : still working on the help, but I’ve noticed some important bugs (fixed), e.g. in Granulators concerning the multi selection (some unchosen Aux-Input parameters may be included if you activated «Set 1 & 2», since a long time, so I must apologize...), or in Trace concerning playing files in the Sound Lirary (interfering withs spls), speed automation in mode 2 creating much «extra» noise and «extra spls»  etc. Quite important improvements and adds too, and code optimization to decrease CPU use, I’m working on both help and application sides. So still some time to pass before I can release both the last application version (but I’ll finally release an intermediate debugged and improved version as soon as possible, still a little time needed) and the first help file, some months I guess (hope not too many but lots of things to be written still...). Cheers to all !

    - 8 Aug. 2015 : working on the first help file at new, no LoopToys update before its first release.

    - 2 July 2015 : from now error messages are disabled, except for those I created myself.

    - 9 May 2014 : to download LoopToys versions and TouchOSC layouts, a unique link from now : http://soulthom.com/spip/spip.php?article1

Downloads (LoopToys & TouchOSC layouts)     


MODIFICATIONS (reading necessary) :

    10th June 2019 :

- Warning : A «Save All Setups» process will be necessary again because of the implementation of "Dur" (see below) in Trace.

- Manual updated : "D / S" replacing "Sync" (see Trace below), and forgotten Sens recording with "Dur / Sync" added.

- Trace : - A new mode to record spls with a pre-defined duration but without synchronization : the old "Sync" button becomes "D / S" button, whose first press (or "$" key) corresponds to this mode ("Dur"-ation), and the second, to the old "Sync" mode now (or press "$" a second time). As with "Sync", you can define "Dur"'s duration manually by filling the number box with a duration or a tempo, or by directly pressing the button when csN is recorded, make "Dur"'s duration the same as this spl's.

Misc. : - Minor bugs fixed.

    6th April 2019 :

Warning : - A "Save All Setups" process will be necessary (unless you don't re-save every setup individually before next release, as usual), because of some little change (see Trace's "maxDur" parameter added below).
                   - From MacOS 10.9.5 at least running after recompiling crashes LoopToys (because of MIDI initialization), so the only possible way is to quit & restart the app (but ordinary users won’t need this anyway).

- Trace : - A "maxDur" parameter added to define the maximum length of spls when recording in Sens mode. This value is accessed by clicking on the button basically named "minDur", below the corresponding slider (click once again on it to view "minDur" value back). This value is to the tenth, from 0.1 to 90 seconds. Manual implemented.
          - Spls recording fully optimized ! A lot of useless operations taking CPU and memory while recording, especially at high speed and short spls, now suppressed. 
          - PwSize's slider value in "post setting" (blue) mode (activated with the "PwSize" button) :
            + When the multi selection, in Absolute mode, includes non recorded samples, doesn't really represent an average of recorded samples' values bug, fixed.
            + When not setting it, in Relative multi mode, using the slider itself, slider not coming back to 0.1 (middle value) bug, fixed.
          - More or less duplicated spls when recording in Manual mode if there is an insisting signal into Trace's input (normally to be recorded in Sens mode only) bug (since 2.14 part, sorry), fixed.
          - Tempo value error ("0" becoming 600 bpm) when activating sync ("$" key) and "bpm" (tempo) is chosen as the unit.

- Misc. : - Minor bugs fixed and changes.

    9th Feb 2019 :

- Manual : updated (see Trace below)

- Misc. : - Added a button, down the Synths GUI, to Open (& Front) / Close the Stereo Convolver GUI. On its right, a replica of the GUI's On / Off button.

- Trace : - Synchronized recording duration is now adjustable or viewable alternatively in bpm (see "Trace" part in the "Modules" chapter of the Manual).
              - Synchronized ("$") recording’s duration is no more rounded to the hundred's, so that you don't need to change (round) the played duration of the reference spl (e.g. a sample imported using the Sound Files Library) if it is not set to the hundred's anymore. 

    23rd Dec 2018 :

- Warning : a "Save All Setups" (now last item in the Commands menu !) process will be necessary due to the new Stereo Convolver (see below).

- Manual : "Stereo Convolver" added in the "Commands menu" (part of "Global Management" chapter), and some minor things added or corrected.

- Misc. : - A new Stereo Convolver added (accessed via Commands menu while LoopToys is running) allowing to convolve any module (including Disk : activating DiskIn is necessary here too !) or a micLine input, with any synth (xGrain/Aux/Trace voice). This one allows FFT's Frame Size parameter setting.

- Granulators : - SFGrain's own Convolvers have a better sound resolution now (FFT's Frame Size now adjusted to 1024 samples, compared to 512 previously).

- Trace : - Improvements and minor bugs around splN and CS fixed, especially related to Static SplN (incrementing or not ("<"(fr) or "`"(fr) + "s" key) splN after recording), like a possible change of splN at setup load despite its activation.
               - Now Sustain is taken in account when deleting sounds too ("d", "D" or ctrl-d keys).

    14th April 2018 (updated 1st September : see Trace below) :

- Warning : a "Save All Setups" process will be necessary (due to the "stop incrementing" new ability in Trace).

- Manual : - Added : + splN incrementing-after-recording deactivation in "Global Management" (recalled in "Modules" -> "Trace"), See "Trace" below.
                                + Disabling "MIDI In" messages in "Settings Menu" part. See "MIDI" below.

- Misc. : - Since "1.23 part" version, sound hardware always defined as "System" despite any choice you make in "Settings -> Audio Device" (since preferences moved to "~/Music/LoopToys/". Very sorry but in my usual use it remained the same !), unforgivable bug, fixed.

Trace :  - 1st Sept. update : when recording short spls or at very low intervals, spls recording might crash, bug (since part 2.27), fixed.
                - Added the ability not to increment splN when recording : first set, if needed, csN to the desired value you want to set spl_N on, then press "<"(fr) or "`"(fr) + "s". Same keystrokes to able incrementing back.

- MIDI : - Added the ability to stop all incoming MIDI message : within the "Settings" menu -> "Enable MIDI In" (cmd-ctrl-m keys).
             - Minor bugs (some CC's displayed values in LoopToys), fixed.

    31 Jan 2018 :

- Manual : - Added omitted ["g" + ...] kind keystrokes in "Global Management" -> "Mutes and Mixes".
                 - Keyboard splitting activation (in "Using MIDI & TouchOSC layout") simplified : no need to deactivate Pitch or Trig anymore (see MIDI changes below).

- Trace : - Synchronized sens recording time placement bug, fixed.

- MIDI : - Keyboard splitting now accessed by first sending (on the chosen Notes channel) a PC 127, then a note On and a PC from 1 to 20 (have a look at the Manual for detailed explanations and the way to do it using the LoopToys' TouchOSC layout). 

- Misc. : - "=" key action, causing "m" key to activate/deactivate either Mute buttons or Mix buttons, now alternatively makes either Mute or Mix buttons be surrounded by red squares instead of posting a message into a window. 

    17 Sept 2017 (updated 22 November : see Trace below) :

- Manual updated (essentialy concerning the old unability to record automation in Waveforms window, and 22 Nov. update)

Trace : - 22 Nov. update : "s" key could no more be the way to select a recorded Waveform's fraction, because it can now be used to stop automation available now in Waveforms (ability to automate the Time Cursor's (offset) or offsetDisp's movements), so that now you'll have to use :
                 + "f" key to select the fraction with the mouse cursor on the desired waveform.
                 + ctrl-f to trim the unselected parts of the selected spls (fraction keeping).
              - App crashing when CS is neither "last" (green) nor "next" (blue) and "Keep Select" is activated (without "Mix"), fixed.
              - Play or Not the Automation (alt-b (+ "Show Deactivated Auto..." in "Commands" menu)) not applied well on Bal/Amp when "Keep Select" button is on "Keep & Mix" position bug, fixed.
              - From now when recording in Sens. mode with synchronized recording activated, events duration is affected.
              - Automation recording now possible on offset (time cursor) and offsetDisp in Waveforms window (works the same as elsewhere).
              - Screen Slider (opened using "y"(fr), "t"(fr), "n" keys) and Big (presets) Slider now get all keystrokes (e.g. usefull arrows to move from slider to slider, etc.) effective in Synths, Trace Sliders, and Waveforms windows.
- MIDI : - Mirrored Offset and offsetDisp values (e.g. into the TouchOSC layout) on CC7 and CC17 (basic MIDI channel) may be wrong at times bug, fixed.  

    24 July 2017 (updated 24 August : important bugs concerning granulators’ popups, Trace parameters setting, and a kind of scrolling added to Dialog Boxes, check «Misc.», «MIDI», «Trace» and «Granulators» below) :

- Warning : a "Save All Setups" process will be necessary (due to suppression of Screen Slider button and its state backup in setups).

- Manual : Some changes (concerning changes related in "Misc." below).

- New TouchOSC layout (changes in Modulation page).

- Modulation (cmd-m) : - From now, the modulation's middle value of any modulated parameter is varied following the parameter's adjustments. This gives much more performance possibilities. 
                                     - Vertically, last (bottom) modulation receivers' line wouldn't be kept in Trace's "Keep Selection", (old) bug (sorry !), fixed.
                                     - A new "X" button allows to quickly reinitiate each modulation receiver.
                                     - Modulation receivers' on/off buttons bigger in order to be usable !
MIDI : - Modulation : action on any related CC or PC now opens the Modulation window, and Touch action on the "Global Control" MIDI channel (see MIDI Control Pannel), e.g. on the layout's Modulation page background, opens / closes the Modulation window.
             - 24 Aug. update : setting Bal / Amp crashes the app since last changes bug, fixed.

- Misc. : - No more "Screen Slider" button (not really usefull), and you can now press (and maintain) directly "t"(fr) in order to open Screen Slider (closed by pressing "y"(fr)).
             - Minor changes, bugs fixed (e.g. when a setting object (1D or 2D slider etc.) is focused, from now pressing a special key ("g"(fr), "r"...) won't interact with other things anymore).
             - 24 Aug. update : Open Dialog boxes can now be easily scrolled by pressing "<"(fr) key + mouse pointer vertically moving over the list.

Trace : - Waveforms Window : if there are some non recorded spls included in the selection, bug while pressing "f" to keep spls' fraction only, fixed.
              - 24 Aug. update : setting Pitch gets uncorrect values since last changes bug, fixed.
- Granulators : - 24 Aug. update : parameters' popups not disapearing at "<"(fr) key up action since last changes bug, fixed.

    2 July 2017 :

- Trace : - Impossible to vary Fraction Selection (check the Manual) parameter using an spl duration number box (for precise adjustment - new possiblity but too quickly implemented in previous versions, sorry !) unless the corresponding spl is part of the spls' selection bug, fixed. Try alt-(any arrow), ctrl-(idem), shift-(idem), to see different adjustments scales added to those number boxes. Moving the mouse into one of these number box's step is no 0.01. 

- Setups : - From now versLoad (Version Loaded) attached to a setup (check the "post" window after having loaded a setup and search "versLoad" with cmd-f) will be updated only in case of "Save All Setups" processes (meaning setups you'll (re-)save using e.g. this LoopToys version (whose "part" is 2.25) will keep a versLoad = 2.23 because no Save All Setups had to be done since "part" was 2.23). Most users won't need this info, but I changed my views on that subject severall times so that it may confuse some of you who are interested, ‘never now...

   16 June 2017 :

- Trace : - In case there are parameters' pre-adjustments kept (used while 'next' or/and 'keep values' mode is activated) within a session, Spls At Once won't load (until last version). Bug fixed.
              - As long as some speed adjustments are still modifying the way some spls are played, a red coloration has to be displayed which was not the case since last version anymore (bug fixed).

    23 May 2017 (updated 8 June 2017 : concerning pwSizes in Trace & keyboard splitting : check "Trace" & "MIDI" changes below.) :

- Warning : A "Save All Setups" process will be necessary, once again, before any setup change (unless you have no setups saved in the standard folder, of course) !

- Manual : updated (corrections (e.g. CC7 is X and CC17 is Y, not the contrary), Sound Library's Edition added, Fraction Keeping, Screen Slider, etc., see below)

- TouchOSC layout : - Added a button PC 23 / 22, used for In & Out adjustments (look at "MIDI" below)
                                  - Reorganized. Non-visible lines (and other adjustments), fixed.

- Sound Library : - A new possibility, after having selected a sound in a list and pressed enter, is to edit this sound as to trim, gain, convert mono <-> stereo. For more precisions (necessary for e.g. keystrokes), read the "Global Management" -> "Commands Menu" -> "Sound Library Window" part in the Manual. So no more sound size quantification (to the hundredth) when opening soundfiles into Trace, you can now adjust sounds to the exact length you want. 

- Setups : - Improvements concerning Synths starts, stops, and maintaining, between setups launches (in order to avoid unwanted sounds). 
                - To create a notepad or open an already created one, simply use cmd-n (no more 'alt' added) from now.
- Trace : - A new ensemble of (adjustable) mini sliders (1D or 2D, following the parameter selection), showing the blocked samples (instead of the previous "Record spls from...", still activated using "k" key) in red, the single or multi selection in cyan (manual multi selection adjustable using "<"(fr) (or "`"(fr)) + mouse moving over sliders). Usable for setting the pwSizes (Pitch Window spls' Sizes) too, after the "pwSizes" button has been pushed : it's only possible to set the recorded spls' pwSizes, and non-usables spls are darkened. See Manual for details ("Trace" part).
              - Added the possibility to delete the unselected parts of the selected spls in Waveforms GUI : press "f" key in order to keep the selected spls' Fraction Selection's (cf. Manual) only parts.
             - Samples At Once starting to play slightly before parameters are set, bug, fixed.
             - 8 June update : pwSizes "post" settings (knob colored blue) now working in case of "MIDI T" spls too (bug fixed).    

Misc. :  - Your "~/Music/LoopToys_Setups/" folder becomes "~/Music/LoopToys/" because it now includes your app. settings, so that you won't lose them from update to update anymore (should have done this before, sorry !) starting from now.
            - "Screen Slider" ("y"(fr) or "n" key) now opens a very big 1D or 2D slider instead of using the screen itself, more convenient, especially in relative multi mode. You still can add "u"(fr) to record automation. Use "g" key to center the value(s) as in any slider, arrows etc. An alternative to clicking (or double tapping) and knob moving on that big slider is to press "t"(fr) key and move the mouse arrow (see "Global Management" : "y"(fr) part in the Manual for more explanations). 
              - Minor changes, more or less important bugs fixed (e.g. app. much less (‘didn’t experiment it again yet) subject to crash-quitting after some memory allocation change).

- MIDI : - In & Out Select & Set (PC 22 and 23 added : see MIDI Control Panel while app is running) : a new way to set granulators or Trace Input, Trace recording Out Voice or Player (Trigger). See Manual (last chapter : "Setting MIDI (...)") for explanations. 
            - Pre-adjusting speed in multi mode whithin the "preset"'s big slider (opened using PC 2) sent bad values with speed sliders' various ranges defined bug, fixed. 
            - Use of CC 7 / 17 in relative multi mode occasionnaly causing wrong settings bug, fixed.
            - 8 June update : Keyboard Split : errors while playing more than one note at the same time, fixed, and errors in the Manual corrected (like the fact that it would be «non-polyphonic» and the exact way to activate Keyboard Split). No more need to use 'Get Selection' (PC 33 on ch 8 or 9 by default) previously to play selected spls. Please read the new "Using MIDI & TouchOSC layout" -> "Keyboard Split" updated part at the end of the Manual.

    15 March 2017 :

- You’ll have to do a "Save All Setups" process before all. This will allow  you to read (and change if needed) pwSizesTmd («LoopToys_Setups» -> «tmdSamples» -> «...» directories) files’ datas values (which were coded before). 

- Manual : updated (new things mentionned below, and e. g. Modules -> Disk -> shift-p and ctrl-p keys were omitted, saving of the Trace's Fraction Selection within Samples At Once (shift-b) was ommitted, and other details).

- Sound Library : after opening a sound using the Open Dialog box and 'return' key, if a new (empty) wave slot is created the Open Dialog's purpose is to open a sound for it, from now.

- Misc. : - "Vert" button mirroring values bug (since 2.17 part), fixed.
              - More or less minor bugs (graphics etc.), fixed.

- Trace : - Fraction Selection :
                + From now, the "dur(-ations)" boxes display the selected parts of the waveforms' durations by default.
                + Viewing the original spls' durations is now part of the "`"(fr) or "<"(fr) keystroke (in any GUI).
                + In order to precisely set the fraction's duration, you can now enter a duration directly in any "dur(-ation)" box.
               - Ability to name spls from now (in the new Waveforms GUI's text boxes).

- MIDI : - When "Gr-Aux-Tr..." or "Sens-MinDur..." sliders ensemble is selected («e» key or via MIDI) and "MS/CC Slid Select" is set on "CC7-17 Pre-Adj", bug (since 2.19 part), fixed

    23 February 2017 :

- Manual : - In (Global management -> Commands menu ->) Sound Lib. Window part : the ability to swap waveforms positions was ommited.
                 - Minor changes.
Misc. : - When deleting a setup using 'del' key within an Open (setup) Dialog box, associated notepad not deleted bug, fixed.
              - Automation recording's red coloring only occurs between real recording beginning and end now (this makes a difference in case of synced end (and possibly start) recording).        

Trace : - Modulation : crashing app. at setup change (in some cases while using Keep & Mix), values ranges etc. bugs, fixed.
            - After loading a setup, changing one of [input, voiceOut, player] value may change arbitrarily any other of [input, voiceOut, player] value bug, fixed.

    6 December 2016 :

This last release contains the new «Manual» finally included into the app, which you can open via the «LoopToys» new menu replacing the old «Run» menu. I tried to make it as exhaustive as I could, hope it won’t be too difficult to understand. Please read it entirely or you could miss important things.

- Warning : make a "Save All Setups" at first run if you own setups !

- Misc. : - "Run" menu replaced with a "LoopToys" menu that includes "Run" itself and the new "Manual".
              - "Recursive" mode in Open Dialog boxes now saved within setups.
              - Sound Files Library : MP3's opening (and decompression) allowed now, but 'Lame' needed (see the Manual).
              - Setting the sliders' step can now be done with ["w"(fr) + 'down' or 'up' arrow] keys.
              - Diverse fixes and improvements.

- Granulators : - To change a gran's input now : use left-right / down-up arrows while maintaining the space bar down, then release it to apply the selection. 

- AuxInput : - Now if only one of micLine's (1 or 2) is activated, Trace voices' mix passes entirely thru the other channel. This way you can have independent parameters control of a micLine (1 or 2) and Trace. Now if you activate both micLine's you must assume you won't be able to pass Trace mix thru AuxInput anymore. Notice that Trace, in any configuration, is still not subject to panning adjustments because it is stereo at its root (you can use the (global) AuxInput’s balance parameter if you want).
             - "Sel 1" and "Sel 2" buttons now only apply to the selected parameter(s) (1D or 2D slider) unless "w"(fr) key is pressed (in that case all sliders are concerned, as before) 

- Trace : - In Waveforms GUI, it's now possible to make a wave fraction selection : "s" + mouse move over a waveform (without clicking).
                + Selection suppression : "s" + click on the waveform.
                + Shortest possible sound duration : 0.005 sec. / shortest possible step (if the sound is short enough) : 0.001 sec.
                + To see the waves fractions selections durations, just click on any spl duration box in any GUI.
              - The way to change, and select between [ Input / Voice out / Player ] has changed, in a more logical way, still using the space bar but arrows too. All changes are validated at once now (explained in the Manual). "o" key can still be used to directly change the Player (to Auto Trig, MIDI Trig, or MIDI-X Trig).
              - Recording spls using Disk's "Send Rec Sync" is now only working while "Auto T" player is selected.
              - in Waveforms GUI : offsetDisp's "selection" slider's number box not working bug, fixed.
              - Recording spls improved and more logical behaviour (max duration attained & interrupting recording).

- Disk : - Selecting (with "+", "-" or ":" key) the recording number you're recording at the moment bug, fixed.

- MIDI : - A new Trace option with Note events, used in combination with Program events from 1 to 20, that allows selecting the CS (thus e.g. in combination with PC 33, previously chosen, to play and/or pitch at the same time the corresponding spl). See the Manual to check how it works.
            - No need to activate "Pitch Shifting" (CC 126 - see MIDI Control Panel for details) to allow varying with Note events specific "keep" and "next" pitch values in Trace bug, fixed.
            - Impossible to trigger recording with Note events (when "Trig" (CC 127) is "On") in 'next' mode bug, fixed (annoying bug because it didn't allow using note events to vary the pitch and record at the same time next spl, sorry).
            - Less latency and more steadyness on Note On / Off events.

    2 August (14 May updated) 2016 :

- 2016-08-02 Update : - Recording and playing durations in Trace & Disk necessarily multiple of 0.05 sec. bug, fixed.

- Warning : Make a "Save All Setups" process before all if you have setups.

- New TouchOSC layout including now a "Setting Step" (see below) slider on the first and third page, and a new page for Parameters' Modulation (see below).

- Granulators / AuxInput : - Non-recorded automation kept when changing setup bug (since last update, sorry), fixed.

- Trace : - It's now possible not to initialize to 0, each time you record or delete a spl, the Time Cursor position (in Waveforms window), with the new "Init Pos" button deactivated. It's now allowed to move a non recorded spl's Time Cursor too.
          - From now when "Keep Select" (shift-k) is activated without "mix", the next setup's spls selection will always be set to "Recorded spls & relative voices" if multi.
          - Speed Min Max : a new choice (button) "Selected / All (...)" with "All" meaning every spl from 1 to 20.
          - When changing setup : + Some spls supposed to be kept ("Keep Select") may stop playing because of some durDisp or speed automation bug, fixed.
                                                 + Kept spls' automation desynchronized bug, fixed.
          - "w"(fr) + "c" keys to cancel automation / intialize values vertically not working properly in Trace (with speed's or durDisp's automation, or if bal / amp slider is selected) bugs, fixed.
          - In case some offsetDisp pre-setting (done in 'next spl' and/or 'keep values' mode) is recorded in a setup which is saved with Multi selection activated, bug (pre-setting won't work), fixed.

- Misc. : - Parameters modulators : A new panel named "Modulation" (cmd-m) to modulate the values of all the granulators / AuxInput parameters and pre, pitch, mixPitch, bal / amp, timeCursPos (the waveforms' red cursor), and offsetDisp in Trace. It's also possible to modulate a modulator's values itself, to get more complex variations. Only Sine waves and Random values available for the moment.
             - For non-french users : some keystrokes combinations using 'command' key (relative to menus) interfering with some keystrokes without 'command' bug, fixed (may not be effective in some cases due to the OS or computer used, in that case, avoid using some "cmd-" shortcuts).   
             - It's now possible to define the step you need before setting selectable parameters values ("Commands" menu when app is running : "Set Automatizable Parameters Values To The ..." (default : 1/100)). This concerns sliders values, or using the mouse with "Screen As Slider" - CC7/17, or using Trace's specific CC's (see MIDI Control Panel). This is nor available in relative multi mode neither to set pitch with MIDI notes.
             - Minor bugs, fixed.
- MIDI : - A new CC 33 on the Basic MIDI channel to adjust the "Setting Step".
             - On Basic MIDI channel : New PC's from 50 to 69 (/127) to activate modulators and modulators targets, new CC's from 30 to 69 to adjust modulation (see 'MIDI Control Pannel' when app is running).

    30 (updated 14) March 2016 :

Update 2016-03-30  : - It is necessary to download this version before next one, and make a "Save All Setups" even if already done with the 14th of March version (bug concerning Ext. Disk player audio bus allocation fixed) !!

- Warning : make a "Save All Setups" process before all (if you have setups) when app is running.

- A new TouchOSC layout : - Offset Disp. Quantization slider added.
                                             - MicLine buttons added.
                                             - A new mini 2D slider (CC 7 & 17) on the third page.
                                             - Design improved.

Granulators : - "Mix" (mix of chosen granulators : "Mix" buttons) is now available as an input for granulators too.
                        - In relative multi mode, parameters' audible values allowed not to be constrained, bug, fixed.

- Trace : - Quantization (in Waveforms window) : now this parameter is attached to specific voices, and when you set it, you set it for the selected voice(s) (single or multi selection) of the moment. In case of diverse quantization values in a multi-voices selection, the slider's knob becomes green.
              - Added the possibility to reverse the "blocked samples" selection : use ctrl-k keys.
              - Offset Dispersion : center value with "g" key (+ mouse click), added for the "selection" slider (in Waveforms window).
              - Speed min and max attached to a spl changing when changing spl selection bug, fixed.
              - Moving ('move to beg. / end' (fn-left/right arrow)) or copying ('move to beg. / end' + "w"(fr)) a sample :
                + Voices and players apparently not transfered in Waveforms window bug, fixed.
                + Speed mins and maxs now transfered.

- Setups : - Trace's "Keep Slct" button (shift-k ("K")) :
                    + Without mix : from now most of Trace's types of settings from the previous opened setup, won't change when change of setup occurs. But every unused sample's and unused voice's specific settings shall be reinitialized. Target setup's automatic spls recording (concerning manual or sens rec. : tick boxes) will be disabled from now.
                    + On "Keep & Mix" position, target setup's voices attributions and parameters are modified not to use the samples kept's voices now.
                    + A kept sample may stop playing in some cases, bug since last version, fixed.
               - When loading a setup saved with "Manual Trace Recording" ticked, the length of the recorded spl is the length of the selected Disk file to play (sic !), bug, fixed (at least ! Sorry for this very old stupid bug, I didn't use automatic manual recording at load (only sens recording) myself, so didn't figure it out !).
               - After opening a setup saved with "samples" or "voices" "(...) manual selection" chosen as the multi selection, in Trace, if you reload the setup when "voices manual slct" (if saved with "spls manual slct")  or "samples manual slct" (if saved with "voices manual slct") is selected, the last selection taking the values of the recorded selection, bug, fixed.

- MIDI : - A new controller, CC 32 on Basic MIDI channel, to set Trace's Offset Dispersion Quantization parameter.
            - Two new Programme Change 20 & 21 (/ 127) on Basic MIDI channel, to activate / deactivate each AuxInput's micLine entry.
            - On Trace CCs' channel, bal / amp adjusting with CC 100-101 not working while "Next Spl" is selected bug, fixed.

Misc. : - When using "Horz" or "Vert" bottom button in relative multi mode, parameters changing their values bug, fixed.
             - Many more or less minor bugs fixed and improvements, including automatizable parameters values displayed resolution to the thousandth (but far more than that in reality : no more rounded values concerning these parameters, this permits much more accuracy, particularly within relative multi mode adjustments). If you want to enter precise values (especially concerning speed or pitch), in any GUI now, use number boxes (to quickly access to the selected parameters' number boxes you can press 'return'. in Synths GUI this will focus on "X / Y" boxes successively ('return' -> enter value -> 'return' (& in case of 2D slider) -> enter value in the second box -> 'return').

    11 Feb. 2016 :

- Warning : if you have setups, when running (cmd-r) go to the "Commands" menu and make a "Save All Setups" process. 

- A new TouchOSC layout : - More logical selections’ colors.

- Sound Library : - Item selection bugs, fixed.
                            - Playing / stopping files bugs, fixed.
Misc. : - Synths window : 'return' key now (de-)selects "X" number box, then "Y" number box in case a two dimensions sliders is selected.
             - Minor bugs (as parameters' displayed values not corresponding precisely to the real values), fixed.

- Granulators/AuxInput :  - Relative-multi mode not working on the first selectable sliders range (from the top) bug, fixed (unseen very old bug, sorry !).
                                        - It's now possible to make "m" key (de-)activate "Mix" button(s) when in Grans/Aux : strike "=" key (another time to come back to "Mute" choice).

- Trace : - Audio Settings : - In the "Settings" menu : "Audio Settings : Recording -> Playing offset" can now be as high as 1 sec. (sorry if 0.1 was too low in some cases, for me too !).
                                           - "Recording -> Playing offset" now applies when "Mix" is set as Trace's input and AuxInput's "Mix" button is "on" (previously : only when Trace's input was set to 'micLineN').
              - Waveforms : - Quantization : a new global parameter defining a quantization (in %) applied on every offsetDisp value. The lower the quantization, the more indexes positions variability.
                                     - Wrong positionning of playing samples' indexes when CPU is high bug, fixed.
                                     - Waveforms now colored following speed mode.
              - Added the possibility to duplicate a recorded spl (sound and parameters) : "w" key + 'move to beg./end' (fn-left/-right arrow) when the spl is selected. If you want to get a time synchronized copy, activate synchronization ("$" key) previously on the csN you want to copy.
             - Trace Sliders window : sliders enlarged, and 'return' key (de-)selects the number box when there is one on the selected slider.
             - Speed : - "Selected Speed Min / Max" (click anywhere (not a slider or button) on the blue panel containing "Sens-MinDur-Sust-PwSize" to see it) :
                               + Now only some values between 1 and 50 (on the right number box side) allowed (if you enter other values they will be rounded) in order to get accurate results and automatically centered around a value of 1.
                               + When some multi-selected speed values exceed limits defined by "Speed Min / Max", only the speed corresponding to the single selection being changed bug, fixed.
                             - When changing setup and some speed is processing, bugs, fixed.
                             - When adjusting speed to (a) value(s) superior to 1 in 2nd mode and sound creation is not finished yet, mute-ing or changing to "MIDI T" the concerned spl(s) not totally effective bugs, fixed.
                             - Improved. Display (red coloring) or other things like values differences (between present and future settings) when using "keep values" bugs, fixed.
                             - After a "C" key stroke, old speed values which weren't included in the multi selection just hidden (reused when e.g. recording a spl) bug, fixed.
                             - When saved samples ("At Once" or "Timed") are being loaded, changing an spl's speed mode when it's not already totally filled up (generally in the second mode) is now possible. 
                             - In speed mode 2 (curled) beats/cycles errors (including $ynchronization), fixed.
             - "Spls At Once" not loaded if synchroniszation ("$") is on, fixed. 
             - Missing events when setting speed parameter to more than 1 in the second mode, fixed. 
             - durDisp parameter : Errors with "c" & ctrl-c keys while the speed mode is 2, and automation, fixed. 
             - Now when 'next spl' is activated, it automatically becomes the active selection into MIDI devices too.
             - Trace Sliders & Waveforms window : when sync is activated, "S" does now flicker too.
             - "Keep values" && "Next spl" ("<"(fr) or "`"(fr) + ["," or/and  "->"]) improved, minor bugs fixed.
             - Automation weird colors bug, fixed.
             - Multi selection : - When it is empty but not activated, "nil" displayed instead of "spl N" ("N" being a number) on each selectable slider bug, fixed.
                                         - When empty and is "Recorded samples" or "Blocked samples", recording automation bug, fixed.

- MIDI : - Relativity : - Wrong starting values (not based on previous relative adjustments) when setting parameters in relative multi mode (whether with specific CCs' or notes), and errors with some parameters concerning their middle, bugs, fixed.
                               - Now setting parameters with a change of multi selection reinits the middle. 
                               - Notice that to change which parameters values correspond to the middle on the MIDI side, it's necessary to deactivate and reactivate the concerned relativity mode.
             - When adjusting with specific parameters' CC's durDisp or speed and "keep values" is activated without "next spl", difference between present and next values bug, fixed.   
             - Errors while using only one of MIDI CC7 / CC17 to adjust one dimension only of 2D sliders in relative-multi mode bug, fixed.

    25 Oct. 2015 :

Warning : "Commands -> Save All Setups" (if you have some) after running, prior to anything.

- A new TouchOSC layout : - Recreation of an Automation Recording button (PC 7 on Basic Commands channel, can be usefull to keep hands free). Because of that, "Play / Stop Disk" 's Program Change becomes 18. 

- Granulators : - When multi selection is activated without AuxInput included in Granulators but "Set 1 & 2" is activated in AuxInput and e.g. recording automation, some AuxInput parameters being included by error bug, fixed (too lately, sorry !). 
                        - When choosing a Trace voice as input in any granulator, exclusive use of the left channel is now replaced with a mono mix of both the two channels.

Trace : - Speed values that may become "nan" in multi relative mode bug, fixed. Counterpart is that you must assume that in relative mode real values are not necessary exactly what sliders number boxes show (e.g. a "4" displayed might be a real "3.99...", until values are being changed in absolute mode), idem for pitch. 
              - Parameters presetting (‘next spl’ and ‘keep values’) :
		    + Now in every GUI (global, Trace Sliders, Waveforms) you get the same results for the same actions when "keep" and/or "next" is activated (except that in Trace Sliders parameters values pre-setting with «y»(fr) + the mouse, or CC7/CC17, is done vertically, of course).
		    + Keep ("<"(fr) or "`"(fr) + "," or via MIDI) :
		        - Values kept for another recording turn if it was still "on" at the moment of the last recording bug, fixed.
		        - Values are now kept after deactivation for a next activation, but you still can cancel everything with shift-alt-c.
		    + Next spl ("<"(fr) or "`"(fr) + right arrow or via MIDI) : 
		        - Sending the MIDI PC corresponding to 'next spl' (29), or setting any parameter on the Trace CC or Notes channel when it’s previously sent now activates the non-MIDI 'next spl' (necessary) without the need to use "send".
		        - Added a way to recall last used values by pressing "," key only (notice that using both "keep" and "next" at the same time permits to only pre-set next parameters values and keep these values (unless they are changed) for the following recordings).
		    + Diverse bugs (concerning e.g. speed mode), fixed.
              - No more interfering buffers when playing (clicking on a waveform) a sound in Sound Library with spls' ones.
              - Fast speed variations in mode 2 causing errors, noise, and unwanted samples creation bug, fixed.
              - More or less wrong "Samples At Once"'s first loop's starting point offset bug, fixed.
              - "Speed Min/Max" variation(s) from a setup to another causing errors with "Samples At Once" speed(s) bug, fixed. 
              - Now when "next spl" mode or "keep parameters values" is activated, whether by adjusting speed (via MIDI too of course) or pressing alt-c when selected, previous speed mode is part of the the next (kept) parameter(s) automatically (but you can remove it afterward if really necessary by selecting it once more). When using alt-c on the speed parameter the value being re-sent bug, fixed.
              - The red coloring of speed slider sometimes indicating a speed adjustment that takes time : 
                        + On one or more spls now appears only in case the CS corresponds to one of those spls.
                        + Sometimes not disapearing unless another speed change is done (due to a "speed crash", see below) bug, fixed.
              - Speed functioning improved (no more datas (spls) unprocessed, which made it often crash. This doesn't mean that in case you want to vary speed (particularly in mode 2 (blue)) on many spls at the same time you won't get crashes because of data overloads, depending on your computer’s capacity, memory etc.).

MIDI : - Some chosen MIDI devices (as TouchOSC bridge) inputs not recognized unless you re-select them in the "MIDI Connections" panel bug, fixed.
             - To stop (everything), an equivalent to "#" key : PC 19 on Basic Commands chanel (see "MIDI Control" panel). To reboot : "esc." or "#" key.
             - I finally recreated a PC to record selected parameters automation : PC 7 (on Basic Cmds channel). Can be usefull to keep hands free (button in the TouchOSC layout, or a MIDI pedal...).
             - To play / stop Disk selected sound file use PC 18 now (on Basic Cmds channel).
             - Speed Mode changing (PC 10-12 on "Basic Commands" channel), when "keep parameters" is activated, still working in case of multi selection bug, fixed.
             - "next spl" or "keep parameters" specific values setting compatible with "Reverse Selection" bug, fixed.
- Setups : - Errors with Sound Library content when loading a new setup bug, fixed.
                - It's now possible to use CC17 (on the Basic MIDI channel) to select an item in an open box (as e.g. the one used to open a setup).
                - Waveforms / offsetDisp selection in 'Waveforms' GUI now saved too.
- Misc. : - In Sound Library, Trace column doesn't allow sound files whose length is less than 0.01 sec. anymore (bug fixed).
              - Minor adds and bugs fixed.

    10 August 1 August 2015 :

        10 Aug. update :

- Automation : starting / stopping automation with "s", w-s, or "S" key possibly generating errors, fixed.

       1 August :

- Granulators : - LiveGrain synth's minor bug (concerning centerPos parameter and non necessary audible), fixed.

- Trace : - In Synths window's 'Trace' module a new "PwSize" button replacing the previous "PwSize" simple string, to toggle between "recording" and "adjusting" mode, as with 'F7' key. 

- Setups : - Random selection into multi-setups possibly choosing the one that's already opened bug, fixed.  

- Misc. : - In Synths window, when "Ms CC Slids Select" ("v" key or MIDI...) mode is activated :
               + Use of alphanumeric keyboard's arrows now increments/decrements selected parameters values (step = 0.01 considering values unmapped to [0, 1, \lin]), and doesn't change the slider selection anymore. 
               + it's now possible to vary parameters values with X-Y ("Horz" - "Vert") number boxes too. 

    26 July 2 July 2015 :

        26 July update :

- MIDI : - Bug since 24 nov. 2013 concerning PC 3 on ‘Basic’ MIDI channel ("Sliders Groups" button in TouchOSC layout) : the ‘pre-adjust’ window (containing a big slider) opens inadvertently, after each restarting of the app., when using this program change, fixed. 

        2 July :

    Warning : you'll have to make a "Save All Setups" process before doing anything, as with the preceding version.

- A new TouchOSC layout, with a 'Velocity Follow' button (CC 31) added. 'Rec. Auto.' button (PC 8/127) now exclusively used to record pitch shift automation with notes (see below).

- Trace : - In Waveforms window, when using offsetDisp's 'selection' slider, impossible to change a multi selection's values using a value lower than 0.5 when the initial value is 0 bug, fixed. 
              - Samples durations loaded via Sound Files Library now fit the resolution of LoopToys (0.01 sec.).
              - Drawing waveforms definition now taking account of CPU server use reduces a lot the chances of app. crashes in case of intense activity.
              - In ‘sens.’ recording mode : empty spls (no sound), doublons, or stop recording tries
 not really completed, all due to high speed recording bugs, fixed.

- MIDI : - Added a new CC (31, on Basic MIDI Channel, see 'MIDI Control Panel' menu when app is running) to activate/deactivate pre-amp following velocity (within 'note on' pitch modulating). No more tick box in 'MIDI Control Panel', and independent from setups.
             - When modulating pitch with 'note on', with 'pre-amp follows velocity' and 'relative moves' activated (see 'MIDI Control Panel'), both pitch and velocity follow relativity now.
             - PC 8 on 'Basic MIDI Channel' as the equivalent of "u"(fr) key to record automation suppressed (not really usefull). Instead when PC 8 is trigged now it records (/stops recording) the movements of the selected 'pitch shift' parameter(s) with or without 'pre-amp' depending whether 'velocity follow' is activated or not.

- Automation : - Now it's possible to record the movements of both 'pitch shift' and 'pre-amp' parameters when using MIDI notes (see above).
                       - Several kinds of repeated processes that should only happen once (as launching next setup automatically) whether while recording or playing automation bug, fixed.  

- Sound Files Library : - Mono soundfiles are now played on two channels by clicking on their waveform too.
                                    - Displaying updates : + Whenever already selected, if an item of a list is clicked on at new it enlights the corresponding waveform too (bug fixed).
                                                                          + A waveform corresponding to the selected item of a list is not only enlighted but also centered in the window if scrolling appears.
                                                                          + When the "(load-)send" sheet is still opened at the moment 'Sound File Lib.' window is being closed, impossible to re-open it afterward bug, fixed.
                                                                          + Other bugs fixed and adds.
- Setups : - If you had the idea to record new setups from no setup at all or to delete de Default setup (which automatically creates a new basic one) on the last LoopToys version, you must have had errors at opening them. Sorry you'll have to throw all them away and try and make them back (not so difficult if you make copies of samples you may have recorded and put them where they belong in the new setups etc.), now it's fixed. SO sorry !
- Misc. : - More or less minor fixed bugs, adds and improvements.
              - Error messaging disabled.

    30 may 2015 :

    Warning : because of some Setup's changes, be carefull to make a "Save All Setup" process (in the "Commands" menu after running (cmd-r)), otherwise you'd have serious problems with next LoopToys versions soon. 

Changes :

- Misc. : - A new "Sound Library" panel (see "Commands" menu when app is running (cmd-r)) allows to keep a sounds selection (recorded into any setup when saving it) without having to search for each sound into each synth's open dialog window : after having opened some sounds into this library (to start you can just click on an empty sound wave container (on the left), it will open a window in the Finder in which you'll be able to take a sound and drop it back on the container), just select a sound in any list and press "return" (or "enter"), and just make the selection and (load and) send it to the selected module.
          - Now only mono soundfiles appear in an SFGrain's open dialog ("F" or "f" key), and only mono and stereo files appear in the setup's Disk open dialog ("*" key).
          - Warnings (little messages) are now in "modal" mode : no other window can be the front window untill a message is closed.
          - Minor bugs fixed and improvements.
- Trace : - Two new functionnalities : - To move an spl's (the 'csN' - chosen sample - one) whole content to another spl number (the target will replace the source the same way), use 'move to begenning' (fn-left arrow) key to decrease or 'move to end' (fn-right arrow) key to increase the number.
						   - To change the 'splN' number (after which next spl will be recorded) type "0" after you've made the selection.
	     - When an spl's speed mode is the first or the second one (grey or blue) and its speed is set to lower than 1, counting and waveform's moving cursor bug, fixed.
		 - "To Soundfile" ("j" key) applied on any CS won't create a soundfile with the right duration (since before 1.80, so sorry !) but with the last recorded spl's one, bug, fixed !
		 - Timed Spls : - Not loading "MIDI T" spls correctly (since a very long time : LoopToys 1.85 part, so sorry again !) bug, fixed.
		                         - Now when the mode "M-X T" is activated each spl loaded keeps its own player.
		 - Possible errors in "nb spls" counting when loading Timed Spls bug, fixed. 
- Disk : - Extra Disk stopping / playing bugs, fixed (now play AND stop a playing file with 'return' ('enter') and open/stop it with cmd-alt-e).		  
- MIDI : - In the Set/Slct/preSet (PC 2 in the basic MIDI channel) third position (pre-setting in a big slider) default values are now the slider's values themselves.

    9 march 2015 :

Changes :

- Trace : - Waveforms : - Now a cursor moves into each waveform showing what’s being played.
              - Counter : - Now just indicates the placement (in seconds) in the sound (as the Waveforms' cursors does). But when maintaining a mouse click down on the counter, it still indicates the duration of what is being played.
                                - Not working when changing an spl mode from "Auto Trig" to "MIDI Trig" bug, fixed. 

    28 february 2015 :

Changes :

- Trace : - Waveforms :
		+ Displaying much faster on long recordings, crashes avoided. 
		+ Selected spls : "c" and ctrl-c added (& included in shift-c ("C")).
		+ The time cursor placement (when not corresponding to the beginning) not taken in account in Samples At Once and speed changes, bug, fixed.
	     - Crashes since recent modifications (part 2.06) due to "Keep select" in the first mode (no mix), fixed. Other "Keep Selection" bugs, fixed.
	     - Added the possibility to suppress the spls selection (single or multi) : ctrl-d.
	     - After having changed a multi selection players to 'MIDI Trig' and getting back to 'Auto Trig', delays occuring between different spls' beginnings bug, fixed.
	     - Application crashes due to lots of buffers un-freed while "Samples At Once" have been loaded many times, fixed.
	     - "Record spls from..." ("k" key) with "Spl" number error in some cases, fixed.
- MIDI : - Problems with setting (on Trace's MIDI chanel) and viewing offsetDisp values bug, fixed.

    6 january 2014 :

    Warning : - Make a "Save All Setups" (in "Commands" menu when LoopToys is running (cmd-r)) at first run (or don't forget to re-save each of your setups one by one with THAT LoopToys version).

Changes :

New TouchOSC layout : - "Keep Values" button added.
                                          - A rotary button to define Spl Max number.
	- Trace : - Important novelty : now on Synths window side a slider's 'multi' value is an average of all contained values (idem for automation color which is an average itself of the whole selection, and speed mode color too). When 'MULTI' is displayed all values are not equal. Now to represent the fact that all values are equal 'ABS MULTI' is used instead of 'MULTI'.
	          - Now while maintaining pressed "<"(fr) or "`"(fr) key only, for about 0.4 seconds the mode selection will come back to the one which was selected at the moment of pressing one of those keys. That way it's easyer e.g. to set the speed mode for 'Next spl' or 'Keep values' (see below) single selection mode.
	          - A new mode, "keep values" (activable with "<"(fr) or "`"(fr) + "," keys), is used in combination with ["spl num", "next spl", or "no change" (of) selection after recording], and consists in keep parameters values as long as they are not changed. If you want to fix (as long as not changed) a value of any parameter when "keep values" mode is activated, just adjust it using the appropriate slider (or for speed mode : "<"(fr) or "`"(fr) + colored button, or F1-F2-F3 key) in Synths or Waveforms window (in Waveforms : the "selection" one). You can also use alt-c keys as described below.
	          - In "keep values" or "next spl" mode (or a combination of both) : use alt-c to simply set (un-set) a selected parameter's value without changing it. To set-unset speed mode simply click on it (while "<"(fr) or "`"(fr) is pressed), or F1, F2, F3 key. Using w-alt-c will set/un-set all the samples parameters in Synths window including speed mode, still without changing values. Using alt-C (alt-shift-c) will set/un-set all the samples parameters.
	          - 'Next Spl' mode ("<"(fr) or "`"(fr) + right arrow, on the computer side) in the Synths window :
               	        + Now non-chosen sliders (not adjusted or chosen that way : (w-)alt-c (new keystrokes)) continue to follow next spl's possible parameters values changes (e.g. automation) after 'Next Spl' mode is activated. Chosen sliders' knobs (whether adjusted or selected with alt-c key) are now colored red. To un-select a slider, (w-)alt-c (again).
               	        + "c"-ancelling automation, even on a 'next spl' chosen slider, is now possible.
               	        + "c"-ancelling (initializing) values not being really applied after spl recording bug, fixed.
	          - A new "selection" slider is added in Waveforms Window, its purpose is the same as Synths window's Trace's sliders : setting single/multi value(s). When in Waveforms window, setting this slider while in the 'next spl' mode will also apply the new value to the next spl when recorded, and alt-c keys will do the same as in Synths window.
	          - ctrl-c not systematically setting values to the center (in case the value 1 isn't the center of a speed specs) bug, fixed.
	          - Errors with offsetDisp parameter set to minimum on some spls in relative multi mode bug, fixed.
	          - When a MIDI manual selection of spls or vces is sent, corresponding popups may not be chosen on the computer side bug, fixed.
	          - Minor bugs fixed.
	- Disk : - Disk mutes ("Setup" and "Extra") not taken in account in the multi-recording ("r" key) process bug, fixed.
	            - Mutes which are activated previously to multi-recording not taken in account bug, fixed.
	- Setup : - If some automation is attached to a setup and you want to deactivate a part of that automation at setup load, there is now a key to be pressed to deactivate/activate the automation of the parameters corresponding to the selection (single or multi) : alt-b. But to visualize it you must select previously "Show Setup's Deactivated Automation" in the "Commands" menu.
	              - "Keep & Mix" (very old bugs, sorry !) : + In some cases (a longer multi selection to be kept than the number of lower spls), parameters values errors bug, fixed.
	                                                                                  + Speed automation of the kept spls deactivated bug, fixed.
	            - 'Stereo Recording' at setup loading (bottom of the Synths GUI) now starts in advance (but if too many "Samples At Once" are to be played, lateness still can happen).
	            - "Spls At Once" not taking offsetDisp parameter into account bug, fixed.
	            - In some cases, after a setup suppression ('suppr' key on a setup name in the setups opening dialog), error occuring, fixed.
	- MIDI : - Basic MIDI channel : + A new PC : PC 17 to activate "Keep Values" (see above in "Trace" part).
	                                                 + PC 9 (named "Swap View" in TouchOSC) can now be used to show Waveforms window too, by triggering it twice fast (less than 0.5 sec. - in TouchOSC layout : taping twice fast on "Swap View" button).
	                                                + A new CC : CC 30 to adjust Trace's Spl Max number.
	         - Now there is a way to recall last MIDI manual multi-selection (on each concerned channel) : just select quickly two times any Program Change from 1 to 20 or 21 to 28. In touchOSC this remains to tap two times quickly on any spl or voice number. 
	- Misc. : - "Save All Setups" process tendency to bug, fixed.
	             - More or less important bugs (e.g. "Horz/Vert" number boxes values accuracy etc.), fixed.

    24 October 2014 :

Changes :

	- Misc. : - A lot of minor bugs (mainly concerning display), particularly in Trace, fixed.
	- Trace : - 'Horz' & 'Vert' number boxes and MIDI CC7-17 :
	          	+ Now reflect the 'MULTI' value when existing (all spls or vces parameters' multi selection own the same value) for every parameter (not only offset & offsetDisp).
	          	+ Errors with reflecting the single selection's speed value when different mins/maxs (specs) and values are used in a same multi selection, fixed.
	              - Errors displayed, since last changes, occuring while using empty multi spls or voices selections, fixed.
	- MIDI : - Trace MIDI's own selection now also reflects 'multi' to CCs' (e.g. sliders in TouchOSC).
	             - Many kinds of bugs implying 'get selection' and/or 'reverse selection' (see 'MIDI Control Panel' when app. is running for concerned PC or CC) in Trace, fixed.

    10 October 2014 :

Changes :

	- New TouchOSC layout : - Disk Mix multislider added ! 

	- MIDI : - New controlers added for Disk Mixing (see 'MIDI Control Panel' when app is running).  
	             - Now PC 4 on the Basic Commands channel will reload the opened setup if nothing else is selected (see 'MIDI Control Panel').
	- Trace : - In Synths window, in 'multi' selection mode, when all Speed's values are equal ('MULTI' displayed on the 'Speed' slider), Speed slider's colors corresponding to its different modes are blend proportionnaly to the number of occurences of each mode.  
	              - Now in the mode 'next spl' settings on one side (e.g. LoopToys synths window) are mirrored on the other side (e.g. TouchOSC layout) if the same mode is selected.
	              - Within the 'Next sample' (diagonal arrow in down-right direction or fn-right arrow) selection and mode, voice parameters (bal/amp) settings are now direct, as within other selections.
	              - Bugs concerning 'Sens' recording lightning, fixed.
                       - Now if a key was pressed in order to just change the voice attributed to an spl (any number) or its trigger type ("o" key) after "`"(fr) or "<"(fr) key is being maintained pressed, the original csN (chosen spl number) mode is maintained.	         

	- Automation : when running automation has been paused by setting 'LoopAll' (button) off, while setting 'LoopAll' to 'on' only one parameter restarting at the beginning of the loop bug, fixed.

    12 August 2014 :

Changes :

- Misc. : - When recording automation, red coloration of concerned parameters disapearing in some circomstances bug, fixed. 

- Trace : - Limit in available pitch shifting amount occuring when speed in mode 3 is set quite high bug, fixed. 

    30 June 2014 :

Changes :

- TouchOSC layout : - New sliders for setting both SFGrains' "Convolution Mix" values.

- Trace : - When deleting ("d" or "D" key) the only remaining sample recorded, error displayed (linked to the counter), fixed.
              - Automation colors not always linked correctly with selection bugs, fixed. 
              - Trying to save Spls At Once ("B" key) which are not contiguous bug, fixed.
              - Possible errors in "spl" number when "Record spls from..." ("k" key) is deactivated (after having being activated) bug, fixed.
- Setups : - If using "Keep Select." or "Keep & Mix" from a setup to another and some automation is recorded in the first but not anything in the second, automation not working bug, fixed.
                - Diverse kinds of possible errors in spls parameters' attributions bugs, fixed

- MIDI : - SFGrains' "Convolution Mix" parameters now controllable with CC 20 & CC 21.

- Misc : - Gran-Aux-Trace-Dsk-Global volumes (down-right part of the Synths window) values changes are now interpolated in order to avoid sudden level variations.
            - "Horz / Vert" (x / y) buttons & number boxes bugs, fixed.
            - More or less minor bugs fixed. 

    9 May 2014 :

Warning : - Make a "Save All Setups" (in "Commands" menu) at first run (or don't forget to save each of your setups with that LoopToys version). Notice that a "Save All Setup" process won't play or record any kind of samples ("At once" or "Timed") in Trace neither play any automation from now.

Changes : 

          - New TouchOSC layout : "Reverse selection" added and "Unused samples" selection suppressed.
          - Misc. : - "Reverse Selection" is now able to change from single mode to multi mode (not only from multi to single).
                        - More or less minor bugs, fixed.
	 - Trace : - "Unused samples" selection suppressed (because it is "Recorded samples" reversed).
	               - Speed automation not working on more than one spl (since recent changes) bug, fixed.
	               - Counter starting to display the time of a recorded csN (chosen sample n° N) only after its looping point has occured bug, fixed. 
	               - When changing speed mode, specific sliders colors not changing in Trace Sliders window bug, fixed.
	               - In Trace Sliders window, changing a spl's voice via its voice number box possibly changing the single selection bug, fixed.
	               - Mute's "Synth / Voice" button always on "Voice" position if the setup was saved with Trace Sliders window front bug, fixed.

	 - MIDI : - Changes in CC and PC attributions (have a look at "MIDI Control Panel" when LoopToys is running) and adds :
                 		    + "Relative moves" and "Send selection" CCs' interverted, "Exclude blocked" now corresponds to CC 121.
	         		    + "Unused samples" selection suppressed.
	         		    + MIDI's own "Reverse selection" added (CC 120).
	         		    + "Get selection"'s (now PC 33) selection is now only dependent from MIDI's own "Reverse selection" and "Exclude blocked spls".
	              - Default selection (when loopToys is opened or recompiled (cmd-k)) on Trace's CC and Notes channels (spls/vces selection) is now "Get" (...the non-MIDI selection).
	              - Now at setup loading : 
	              	    + All "Send Selection"'s (now CC 123) are deactivated.
	              	    + If the previous selection wasn't "Get", all the configuration is kept (reverse, blocked samples, relativity).
	              - A "Send Selection" active on a channel deactivates it on any other channel now.
	              - Settings not taken in account when using CC7-17 without touch parameter "on" (> 0, as in TouchOSC's LoopToys layout) bug, fixed.
	              - Selection for changing Speed Mode or Auto/MIDI Trig errors, fixed.