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lundi 26 décembre 2016, par soulthom

2019-02-27 - Discovery session :

Glad You’re Here
Bundles & The Flick
Charlotte’s Theme Part 1 -by- Robert Burger -in- City of Strangers
Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space -by- Christina Vantzou -in- No. 4
Et Peu À Peu Les Flots Respiraient Comme On Pleure
Dialogues Avec Le Vent
Je Suis Vivant Et Vous Êtes Morts
Potlatch (1971-1999) -by- Sylvain Chauveau -in- The Black Book of Capitalism
Retorisk Fraga -by- Fred Frith/Lindsay Cooper -in- Angels On The Edge Of Time
Green Apocalypse
Tales of the Undergrowth -by- Wang Li -in- Green Apocalypse
538008 1134 -by- Planetzoo -in- Life, This Strange Discharge
Le Voyageur Solitaire -by- Jun Miyake -in- Stolen From Strangers

2019-02-20 session :

Takeda No Komori Uta (Takeda Lullaby) -by- AYUO -in- Red Moon
Money Money -by- Bumcello -in- Get Me
Sirius -by- Tatsuya Yoshida -in- Japan : New Psychedelic Underground
Old Connections -by- Kevin Drumm -in- Inexplicable Hours
Because It Does -by- Bullitnuts -in- Freezone 6 : Fourth Person Singular
Hekma -by- Khalil Chahine -in- Hekma
Crudelissima Doglia -by- Musica Transonic -in- Japan : New Psychedelic Underground
Orovela -by- Tatsuya Yoshida -in- Japan : New Psychedelic Underground
Chor Moiré -by- Jon Hassell -in- Dream Theory In Malaya | Fourth World Volume Two | 2017 Remaster
Stereoscope -by- Christina Vantzou -in- No. 3

2019-02-10 session :

Singing in the Rain -by- Gene Kelly
fullmoon -by- Ryuichi Sakamoto -in- async
Se Piange Ohime -by- Musica Transonic -in- Japan : New Psychedelic Underground
Clearing the Throat -by- Fred Frith -in- Sideshow
disintegration -by- Ryuichi Sakamoto -in- async
The Real Dream Of Sails -by- Harold Budd -in- The White Arcades
La Tempête -by- Kintsugi -in- Yoshitsune (Featuring Serge Teyssot-Gay, Kakushin Nishihara & Gaspar Claus)
Dolcissimo Sospiro -by- Musica Transonic -in- Japan : New Psychedelic Underground
XZ-3 -by- Micro-Ritmia -in- Sincronario
Show Time -by- Fred Frith -in- Sideshow
Amore -by- Ryuichi Sakamoto -in- Playing The Piano

2019-02-03 - Discovery session :

The White Arcades
Balthus Bemused By Color
The Child With A Lion (Album Version) -by- Harold Budd -in- The White Arcades
Zoboko -by- Aka Pygmies -in- African Rhythms
I’m Not Synthesizer
B For Boredoms
Tomato Synthesizer
Acid Police -by- Boredoms -in- Chocolate Synthesizer
Verrà la morte -by- Léo Ferré -in- La vie d’artiste
Ordinary Mind
Dream Theory
Courage -by- Jon Hassell -in- Dream Theory In Malaya | Fourth World Volume Two | 2017 Remaster
Moon Drone
Shadow Sun -by- Christina Vantzou -in- No. 3

2019-01-27 - Discovery session :

Nowhere to Run
Nowhere Near
Nowhere to Be Seen
Nowhere Else
Nowhere Can Compare
Getting Nowhere
Going Nowhere
Nowhere to Hide -by- Fred Frith -in- Nowhere
Prométhée Part II-A -by- Thierry Zaboitzeff -in- Prométhée
Laurie Spiegel
Valley Drone -by- Christina Vantzou -in- No. 3
Melamina Plus -by- Micro-Ritmia -in- Sincronario
Life, Life
async -by- Ryuichi Sakamoto -in- async

2019-01-21 - Discovery session :

The Last Emperor
A Flower Is Not A Flower
Thousand Knives -by- Ryuichi Sakamoto -in- Playing The Piano
Occam Delta II (cut 1) -by- Eliane Radigue -in- Occam Ocean 1
Tsuki To Mizu (Featuring Ohta Hiromi)
Yoru Wo Koete (Beyond The Night) -by- AYUO -in- Red Moon
Occam Delta II (cut 2) -by- Eliane Radigue -in- Occam Ocean 1
Kaimyogen -by- Toho Sara -in- Japan : New Psychedelic Underground
Rainforest Version 1 -by- David Tudor -in- Ohm : The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music 1948-1980 [Disc 2]
Patterns For Alto -by- Lea Bertucci -in- Metal Aether

2019-01-13 - Mixed session :

The Loop A -by- Kevin Drumm -in- Inexplicable Hours
La Bataille De Dan-No-Ura -by- Kintsugi -in- Yoshitsune (Featuring Serge Teyssot-Gay, Kakushin Nishihara & Gaspar Claus)
Occam IV -by- Eliane Radigue -in- Occam Ocean 1
Mossgrove & Seaweed -by- Astrïd & Rachel Grimes -in- Through The Sparkle
Shizuka -by- Kintsugi -in- Yoshitsune (Featuring Serge Teyssot-Gay, Kakushin Nishihara & Gaspar Claus)
Philomel -by- Milton Babbitt -in- Ohm : The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music 1948-1980 [Disc 1]
M1 -by- Astrïd & Rachel Grimes -in- Through The Sparkle
The Loop B -by- Kevin Drumm -in- Inexplicable Hours
La Mort De Yoshitsune Et La Danse De Shizuka -by- Kintsugi -in- Yoshitsune (Featuring Serge Teyssot-Gay, Kakushin Nishihara & Gaspar Claus)

links :
. Yoshitsune (Kintsugi) :

2019-01-06 - Discovery session :

Etude Aux Chemins De Fer -by- Pierre Schaeffer -in- Ohm : The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music 1948-1980
The Forthright Fool
Social Interaction -by- Kevin Drumm -in- Inexplicable Hours
Sine Music (A Swarm Of Butterfiles Encountered Over The Ocean)
Projection Esemplastic For White Noise -by- Joji Yuasa -in- Ohm : The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music 1948-1980
Two Lines
Little Krishna & The Girls
Dosidomifa, Pt. I
Dosidomifa, Pt. II -by- Chassol -in- Indiamore (Varanasi & Kolkata Ragharmonizations)
Folkesta -by- the waltz -in- Cosmo Galactic Prism Mixed By Prins Thomas
The Theme
Le Petit Salon -by- Astrïd & Rachel Grimes -in- Through The Sparkle

2018-12-30 session :

Jason lytle -by- Abstrackt Keal Agram -in- Cluster ville
Montra II -by- Nuno Rebelo -in- Sábado 2 - Minimal Show
Liminalidad -by- Lucrecia Dalt -in- Anticlines
Udnie -by- Pierre Bastien -in- Les premières machines
Violence -by- Andy Stott (vce : Alison Skidmore) -in- Faith in Strangers
A.C -by- Abstrackt Keal Agram -in- Cluster ville
Tafel17 -by- OK 01 -in- Tafelmuziek
Helio Tanz -by- Lucrecia Dalt -in- Anticlines
Uni-parc -by- Pierre Bastien -in- Les premières machines
Modulation #2 -by- Otomo Yoshihide -in- Cathode
Petersbourg -by- Abstrackt Keal Agram -in- Cluster ville
Glass Brain -by- Lucrecia Dalt -in- Anticlines
On Oath -by- Andy Stott (vce : Alison Skidmore) -in- Faith in Strangers

2018-12-16 Discovery session :

Radiant -by- Goldmund -in- Occasus
In The Rain Of Jinan, Pt. 1 -by- Wang Li -in- Past-Present-Future
The Heavenly Music Corporation
Evening Star -by- Robert Fripp & Brian Eno -in- The Essential Fripp & Eno
Shangkuan Ling-Feng -by- Naked City -in- Torture Garden
The Whole Universe Wants To Be Touched
Human Range
All Melody -by- Nils Frahm -in- All Melody
Subtle Feelings (Raga Samhendra Madhyam) -by- G.S. Sachdev -in- Amar Sangit
Indifferent Universe
Concentric Nothings
Tar -by- Lucrecia Dalt -in- Anticlines
In The Rain Of Jinan, Pt. 2 -by- Wang Li -in- Past-Present-Future
Time Away
Faith In Strangers -by- Andy Stott -in- Faith in Strangers

2018-12-09 session :

Immer geld -by- Klaus Beyer -in- Musik Oblik Musics In the Margin, Vol. 2
The Mother -by- Ketil Bjørnstad, David Darling, Terje Rypdal & Jon Christensen -in- The Sea II
Echoing Green -by- Jefre Cantu-Ledesma -in- On The Echoing Green
Soufflé -by- Wild Classical Music Ensemble -in- Musik Oblik Musics In the Margin, Vol. 2
Caravan Campfire -by- Wang Li -in- Past-Present-Future
December -by- Ketil Bjørnstad, David Darling, Terje Rypdal & Jon Christensen -in- The Sea II
The Faun -by- Jefre Cantu-Ledesma -in- On The Echoing Green
The Nethack Dictionary -by- Othin Spake -in- Musik Oblik Musics In the Margin, Vol. 2
La Vallée du Sommeil -by- T. J. Scott : pn, J-N Rebilly : clar., D. Morris : guit. pedal steel -in- Vieux Silence
Corridor -by- T. J. Scott : pn, J-N Rebilly : clar., D. Morris : guit. pedal steel -in- Vieux Silence
Vieux Silence -by- T. J. Scott : pn, J-N Rebilly : clar., D. Morris : guit. pedal steel -in- Vieux Silence
Oratorio -by- Baudouin Oosterlynck -in- Musik Oblik Musics In the Margin, Vol. 2
Autumn -by- Jefre Cantu-Ledesma -in- On The Echoing Green
Le cygne, pandulen wasser fall -by- Baudouin De Jaer, Adolf Wölfli -in- Musik Oblik Musics In the Margin, Vol. 2
Song For A Planet -by- Ketil Bjørnstad, David Darling, Terje Rypdal & Jon Christensen -in- The Sea II
Virgen de la Nieve -by- Stephan Micus -in- Towards The Wind

2018-12-02 session :

For Shirin And Koshru -by- Stephan Micus -in- Inland Sea
It Feels Like Floating -by- Mary Lattimore -in- Hundreds Of Days
Overcast -by- Hildur Guðnadóttir -in- Without Sinking
Haze -by- Stephan Micus -in- Inland Sea
Rumours/Resonances -by- Justin Bennett -in- Mutations ; Sonic City
... And Bells Remembered ... -by- The Calithumpian Consort (Scott Deal, Stephen Drury) -composed by- John Luther Adams -in- Four Thousand Holes
Baltic Birch -by- Mary Lattimore -in- Hundreds Of Days
Virgen De La Mar -by- Stephan Micus -in- Inland Sea
Aircra 1 -by- Franz Pomassl -in- Mutations ; Sonic City

A Stephan Micus interview :
John Luther Adams :

2018-11-25 session :

Their Faces Streaked With Light And Filled With Pity -by- Mary Lattimore -in- Hundreds Of Days
Elevation -by- Hildur Guðnadóttir -in- Without Sinking
Glimpse -by- Kate Wax -in- Reflections of the Dark Heat
Opaque -by- Hildur Guðnadóttir -in- Without Sinking
Living Sound, Patent Pending Music For Sound-Joined Rooms Series -by- Maryanne Amacher -in- Ohm : The Early Gurus Of Electronic Music 1948-1980
Four Thousand Holes -by- The Calithumpian Consort (Scott Deal, Stephen Drury) -composed by- John Luther Adams -in- Four Thousand Holes
Aether -by- Hildur Guðnadóttir -in- Without Sinking
Never Saw Him Again -by- Mary Lattimore -in- Hundreds Of Days
Ikebukuroà Dadatexture -by- Masima Akita -in- Mutations ; Sonic City

2018-11-18 - Wang Li session :

Wang Li : jew’s harp & calabash flute - Past, Present, Future album (+ Saxophone Special Revisited : Rova Saxophone Quartet, Kyle Bruckmann (synths), Henry Kaiser (guitar) - compositions : Steve Lacy)

Staples (Rova Saxophone Quartet + Bruckmann & Kaiser), Past Present Future, Pt. 1 to 3, Dreams (Rova Saxophone Quartet + Bruckmann & Kaiser), Vegetal Love (Wang Li & Yom :, Spiraling Time (Past Present Future alb.), Electricity (Wang Li & Yom :, Water On Water && Time Drops In Decay && You Are Here You Are Not Here (Past Present Future alb.)

. Supplementary links : (playing calabash flute too, as in,

2018-11-11 session :

Last Village (Florian Fricke - Kailash : Pilgrimage to the Throne of Gods / Piano Recordings), Dans la cuisine - Normand L’amour && Dragon draak - Wild Classical Music Ensemble && Tablas / Jamais de l’abîme - Baudouin De Jaer (cf && Extract from Cordes 11000270102 - Jacques Brodier (Musik Oblik - Musics In the Margin, Vol. 2), Consequences (Ketil Bjørnstad, David Darling, Terje Rypdal & Jon Christensen - The Sea II), West Face - Place of Death (Florian Fricke - Kailash (…)), South (The Sea II), A Song Of Summer && Vulgar Latin && Door To Night (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma - On The Echoing Green), Down the Slopes to the Meadow (Harold Budd - By the Dawn’s Early Light), La Nuit Voilée (T. J. Scott : keyb., J-N Rebilly : clar., D. Morris guit. pedal steel - Vieux Silence)

2018-11-04 - albums : All This I Do For Glory (Colin Stetson), By the Dawn’s Early Light && Music For Three Pianos (Harold Budd (+ Ruben Garcia & Daniel Lentz : piano)), Diplopia (Gary Lucas & Jozef Van Wissem), The Man In The Elevator (Heiner Goebbels, Arto Lindsay, Don Cherry, Etc.), Mon Chant Frappé (Jean-Marc Quillet), Senior (Röyksopp), Sun Gong (Laraaji), Unseen Forces (Justin Walter - album review :, Vertiges (Henry Torgue & Serge Houppin) :

Boy About 10 (Harold Budd), Ad Lib (Henry Torgue & Serge Houppin), A Long, Long Way (Röyksopp), Like Wolves On The Fold (Colin Stetson), Salle D’espérance (Henry Torgue & Serge Houppin), La Case Bruja (Harold Budd, Ruben Garcia & Daniel Lentz), Mozambic (Jean-Marc Quillet - composed by Michel Portal), Unseen Forces (Justin Walter), Sun Gong No. 2 (Laraaji), Cold Sweat (Heiner Goebbels, Arto Lindsay, Don Cherry, Etc.), Belvedère Du Doute (Henry Torgue & Serge Houppin), Somos Tres (Harold Budd, Ruben Garcia & Daniel Lentz), The Mirror Stage (Live, Gary Lucas & Jozef Van Wissem), The Drug (Röyksopp), Spindrift (Colin Stetson), Following (Justin Walter), Poem : Distant Lights of Alancha Recede (Harold Budd)

2018-10-23 - Discovery session :

If It Doesn’t Fit, Thou Must Acquit && Diplopia && Will O’ the Wisp && Sick (Gary Lucas & Jozef Van Wissem : Diplopia), Falling grace && GMQ (Jean-Marc Quillet : Mon Chant Frappé), Malika -e- sehra (Thierry "Titi" Robin), Between Water And Wind && In The Clinches (Colin Stetson : All This I Do For Glory), End Of Six (Justin Walter), L’angélie && Paupières De Sable (Henry Torgue & Serge Houppin : Vertiges), Sun Gong No. 1 (Laraaji), Iris (Harold Budd, Ruben Garcia & Daniel Lentz : Music For Three Pianos), Brise monstre (Thomas Soulez : radio perf)

2018-10-16 - Discovery session :

1001 && It’s Not What You Think && Soft Illness (Justin Walter : Unseen Forces), Fuckin’ Up (…once again !… Neil Young), Laraajazzi && Ocean Flow Zither (Laraaji : Bring On The Sun), Indiscipline (King Crimson :, What Is My Crime && His Suicide (Heiner Goebbels/Heiner Müller + Don Cherry etc. : The Man In The Elevator), Headhunter (Front 242 :, ...And The Forest Began To Sing && Tricky Two (Röyksopp : Senior)

2018-10-09 - Spontaneous session around : Robin Guthrie Trio - Live at the Tunnels, Aberdeen February 8, 2013 ( :

Robin Guthrie Trio Live (1st excerpt), Zusammensetzen (Wim Mertens), Trysting Fields (Motion Trio), R. G. Trio Live (2nd excerpt), Piano Sonata in B Flat, D 960 - 3. Scherzo (Alfred Brendel plays Franz Schubert), Gheuebhessip (Haino Keiji & Yoshida Tatsuya), R. G. Trio Live (3rd excerpt), Axe Étrange (L’Orchestre Inachevé), Dabaa hua dard (Thierry "Titi" Robin), R. G. Trio Live (4th excerpt)

2018-10-02 - Last minute session :

Acupunctured && Perils Of Flight && Predator / Prey && Cryptic Syntax && ESP Organism && Lonley Geist Heist (Brown Wing Overdrive), « Huun‐Huur‐Tu - Full Performance » excerpt (, BLAAACK (Sister Iodine), Pain (Ben Harsher)

2018-09-25 - Disc-overy session (ESP Organism && The Serpent (in Quicksilver) / Abandoned Cities) :

Eye Slew && Triple Essence && Pyramid Of Dots && Sphere Of Sensation (Brown Wing Overdrive), [interlude : Fucking Up (Neil Young), Sann (She Past Away)], Afar && Rub With Ashes (Harold Budd), Dark Star (Harold Budd and Chas Smith), Abandoned Cities (Harold Budd and Eugene Bowen)

2018-09-19 - AKA (Cluster Ville) & Matthew Bourne (Isotach) session :

L’oreille droite (Abstract Keal Agram featuring James Delleck, Nikk Furie & Hi-Tekk), 4 Mains (Wim Mertens), Duncan (Matthew Bourne), Brouillard (AKA), Isotach (M. Bourne), Nietzsche (AKA), Ruhndfhiooak (Haino Keiji & Yoshida Tatsuya), Mata hari (AKA ft. Atoms Family), Extinction && Isogone (for Howie Reeve) (M. Bourne), Sea, Swallow Me (Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd), Live Golf Drouot (1976) Paris (Art Zoyd)

2018-09-11 - Friedrich Nietzsche session :

Terrible Boredom 1 (Thomas Soulez), Hoch tut euch auf && Miserere (Nietzsche), Inergys (Wim Mertens), Aus der Jugendzeit && Zigeunertanz (Nietzsche), The Ghost Has No Home (Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd), Heldenklage && Eine Sylversternacht (Nietzsche), Terrible Boredom 2 (Thomas Soulez), Klavierstück && Gebet an das Leben (Nietzsche), Circular Breathing (Wim Mertens)

2018-09-04 session :

Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 - Part 1 : Madonna (Arnold Schoenberg by Marianne Pousseur, Philippe Herreweghe : Ensemble Musique Oblique), Ryufoispjekkossd (Haino Keiji & Yoshida Tatsuya), Pierrot Lunaire Part 2 : Gebet An Pierrot (Arnold Schoenberg by Ensemble Musique Oblique), Balai / Doormat (Thomas Soulez), Lokskooidgiif (Haino Keiji & Yoshida Tatsuya), Impromptu In C Minor, Op. 90/1 (Schubert by Alfred Brendel), Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen), Pierrot Lunaire Part 2 : Rote Messe (Arnold Schoenberg by Ensemble Musique Oblique), I Got The Same Old Blues (J.J. Cale), Pierrot Lunaire Part 3 : Gemeinheit (Schoenberg by Ensemble Musique Oblique)

2018-05-29 session :

Dictaphone Jam (Maja Ratkje), Anecdote (Thomas Soulez), Acid (Maja Ratkje), Raga Abhoji && Raga Majh Khamaj (Hariprasad Chaurasia (bansuri) with Zakir Hussain (tabla), Théatre de la Ville, 1992)

2018-05-22 session :

Intro (« Voice » alb., Maja Ratkje), Pastoral (Moondog), Silence (Motion Trio interp. Michael Nyman), Ellipse / Partie 2 (La Pieuvre), Tazartès Transports 1-7 (all parts, Ghédalia Tazartès), Trio (« Voice » alb., Maja Ratkje)

2018-05-15 - Hungarian session :

Példazat (Markos Albert, Czeslaw Milosz), Deprotection (Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer), Entrance To The Vault (Laura Cannell), Hommage A R. Sch. Op. 15d (Gellert Tihanyi + ens. play Gyorgy Kurtag), Eastern Princess (Stephan Micus), Gregor Samsa’s Desires - I (Gellert Tihanyi + ens. plays Béla Farago), Chemistry && Ba-benzele (Jon Hassell), Oly Keveset (Markos Albert, Czeslaw Milosz)

2018-05-01 - Discovery session :

Calcium Sloche 1-4 (Joane Hétu), J-b 2FRED final#2 ven5 (Chamaeleo Vulgaris), R&B Degenerit ! (Patrick Vian), Music For Airports 1/2 (Bang On A Can : Eno etc.), K-b1FRED3 final#2 guit5 (Chamaeleo Vulgaris), Tunnel 4 Red Noise (Patrick Vian), Unveiling Shadows (Laura Cannell)

2018-04-24 session :

Un Known 1 (Peter Zinovieff & friends), The Residents [The Bath of Stars / The Skeleton - Remix] (Art Bears), Drastic Classicism (Rhys Chatham), June Rose (Peter Zinovieff & friends), When-Lars Pedersen [The Tube - Remix] (Art Bears), The Side Of The Machine (Tony Conrad With Faust), John Oswald [Time/Bye - Remix] (Art Bears), A Lollipop For Papa (Peter Zinovieff & friends).

2018-04-17 - Art Bears : « Revisited » album session :

Perspectives [Scherzo du coiffeur && Jeux rythmiques] (Luis Naon), The Side Of Man And Womankind (Tony Conrad), Massimo Simonini [Artico & Baci - rework] && Warrick Swinney, Kalahari Surfers, DJ Ballard [Rats and Monkeys - remix] && Herb Heinz [The Skeleton - rework] && Ossatura [Tranne Lacrimae - mix] (Art Bears : Fred Frith, Chris Cutler, Dagmar Krause), Simulated Charity && Prisoner’s Dilemma && Mutual Assured Destruction (Ricardo Donoso).

2018-04-03 session :

Winchester cathedral (Jean Jacques Perrey w/ Gershon Kingsley), Sept Ans De Malheur (Engagez-Vous) (Les Quatre Barbus), Tarentella (Peter Zinovieff), Injection Is Expected For Today (Planetzoo), M-Piriform (Peter Zinovieff And Justin Connolly), Mohunga (Aka Pygmies), [Documents :] There Is An Objet (Hervé Zénouda), Trash (Jean-François Pauvros), [cont. :] Half-Gifts (Cocteau Twins), Sans titre && Musique cinétique (Pierre Bastien), Narrow Minds (Angil And The Hiddentracks), [Documents :] Nothing Is Really Useless (David Fenech), Dérive Contrôle (Falter Bramnk), Les Promeneurs Duchamp De Mars (Ilitch), [cont. :] Lionel (DNA), Now’s The Time To Say Goodbye (Peter Zinovieff). [++ Youtube : Totally Wired (Mark E. Smith - An awkward encounter with Che - 16.02.1989)]

2018-03-27 - Improvised session :

Applaudes, PAN : Laceramento della Parola, for quadraphonic tape (Omaggio a Trotskij, part A, Flo Menezes), Unusual Balance (Brian Eno & Jah Wobble), Stop N Go (Matthias Ziegler), Mad Bird In The Wood (Virgin Prunes), Four Interludes For A Tragedy (w/ Harrison Birtwistle, Peter Zinovieff), China Music (w/ Hans Werner Henze, Peter Zinovieff), Carmen (Pascals), Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul (The Fall), Shallow Grave (Naked City), In Our Angelhood (Cocteau Twins), L’orizzonte luminoso di Aton (Roberto Fabricciani).

2018-03-20 - Improvised session :

The Courage Of Hopelessness (excerpt, Slavoj Zizek), Mutinerie (Michel Portal), Nocturne No. 5 in B-Flat Major (G. Fauré by Charles Owen), The One Armed VS. 9 Killers (Mike Patton), Is God Dead ? (excerpt, S. Zizek) alternated with Structure Rationnelle De Réalisation (Vivenza), The Wanton Song (Led Zeppelin), La Nuit (Elisabeth B2M), Imagine (John Lennon).

2018-03-13 - Improvised session :

Improvisations On Hungarian Peasant Songs - 6. Allegro Moderato (Zoltán Kocsis interp. Béla Bartók), Bonus 2 (DDAA), Visions of Dionysus : Ode II (John Zorn), Jigsawmentallama (Virgin Prunes), Ballade dure (Jorge Antunes), What If ...? (Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld), Euphoria (Killing Joke), The Show Must Go On (Queen), Kasvetli Kutlama (She Past Away), En remontant le fleuve - Palais des Sports 2015 (Hubert Félix Thiéfaine), Katsina (Sébastien Roux), Raag Yaman (Meghana Kulkarni)

2018-03-06 - Spontaneous session (remixed) :

Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie - excerpt), Full Metal Jacket (film Stanley Kubrick - excerpt), Humus - The Life Exploring Force (Don Cherry & Krzysztof Penderecki - excerpt 1), Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd & David Bowie), Humus - The Life Exploring Force (Don Cherry & Krzysztof Penderecki - excerpt 2) mixed with some of Les Amis (Henri Tachan), Ode à l’Esprit de l’Alcool de Riz (DDAA), Happy House (Siouxsie & The Banshees), Calling To Phone (DNA), Naked Eye (The Who - Live at Charlton, 1974), Mix : En Attendant Godot (J.-P. Roussillon) + Pour en Finir (…) (Antonin Artaud) + Evil Moisture @ DIVA Eugene (, Porque Te Vas (Jeannette - excerpt), New Cold War (Killing Joke), Stria (John Chowning), Full Metal Jacket excerpt, More Nothing (John Fahey & Cul De Sac) mixed with war sounds, The Figurehead && Pornography (The Cure) mixed with war sounds, voices etc.

2018-02-27 - Jay & Gordon Gottlieb "Piano & Percussions" session :

Improvisation 1 : Graines Gémellaires (J. & G. Gottlieb), Marche sur Tokyo (Déficit Des Années Antérieures), Improvisation 2 : Traversées (J. & G. Gottlieb), Siubhal Turnlar I & II : For String Quartet (Matthew Welch), Hibiki-Hana-Ma (Iannis Xenakis), Bonus 2 (Déficit Des Années Antérieures), Etudes d’Interprétation 11 & 12 (J. & G. Gottlieb)

2018-02-20 - Discovery session :

5/4 (Clogs), Surrender && Not Moving && Police Chase && Egomaniac’s Kiss (DNA), Calluna && STILL LIFE (Jun Miyake), Acid Rain (Noêl Akchoté, Jean Marc Foussat, Roger Turner)

2018-02-13 session :

Last Night The Moon Came (John Hassel), Ego Masher (Joseph Nechvatal), The Bitterest Pill (The Jam), Diluculum (Ricardo Donoso), Trois arbres près du chemin de la forêt de Wakasa (Déficit Des Années Antérieures), Courtrais - Live (John Hassel)

2018-01-30 session :

Paysage Electronique (Karel Appel in Musique Barbare), Zwiegesprach - 3 : A. Love Story B. Bird Call (György Kurtág by Zoltán Kocsis), Poème Electronique (Edgar Varèse), Poème Barbare & Le Cavalier Blanc (Karel Appel in Musique Barbare), A Leper With The Face Of A Baby Girl (Mike Patton), Waterloo No. 2 & Die Donnergötter (Rhys Chatham in Die Donnergötter), Dripsody (Hugh Le Caine)

2018-01-23 session :

AB II (Marc André by Ensemble Recherche), Song for Che (André Jaume, Alain Soler), C-b1FRED3 final#2 champi7 (Chameleo Vulgaris), Himmelblau (Wolfgang Riechmann), On the Overgrown Path VIII : "Unutterable anguish" (Rudolf Firkusny), Klangstudie 2 (Herbert Eimert), Nirgendheim (Teho Teardo @ Blixa Bargeld)

2018-01-16 Nono’s (*) "Diario Polacco No. 2" session :

Quando Stanno Morendo - Teil 1 (*) (Luigi Nono by Roberto Cecconi, dir.), Kirkland, 29km (Kiya Tabassian, Pierre-Yves Martel, Ziya Tabassian), Rue De La Soif (Bernard Lavilliers), Nerissimo (Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld), Quando Stanno Morendo - Teil 2 (*) (Luigi Nono by Roberto Cecconi), Self/Non-Self And Luminosity In The Bardo (Matthew Welch), Quando Stanno Morendo, Teil 3 (*) (Luigi Nono by Roberto Cecconi)

 2018-01-09 Glenn Branca’s Symphony N°2, part 2, session :

Third Movement : Melodrama and Nuclear Physics in the Global Theater (Glenn Branca), Camping Sauvage (Rosdul Et Ses Badzen), L’Ouvreuse (Various Artists), Grave Ride (Moby Mix) (John Lydon), Visions of Dionysus : Ode II (John Zorn), G-b 2FRED final#2 dim2 (Chamaeleo Vulgaris), Sly Mongoose (Charlie Parker), Fourth Movement : Sacred Field & Fifth Movement : In the late 20th Century, the Impossible Becomes Possible [short exerpt] (Glenn Branca)

 2017-12-26 Glenn Branca’s Symphony N°2, part 1, session :

First Movement : Slow Mass (Glenn Branca), Anikouni (in Refuges - René Aubry), Crops (Steve Lacy), Isi (Neu !), La SPA des amoureux (La Goutte), Second Movement : Radioactive Poltergeist Kitchen 1955 (Glenn Branca)

 2017-12-19 Spontaneous session :

TEM & Omega (Teck Nicky (Daniel Koskowitz)), 37 1/2 (Soft Machine), Spiriality (Teck Nicky), Illusion In Bb (Michel Portal), State Of Contraction (Barry Adamson), Prothèses & Pierre b. arrive à paris & M. tagu va au marché & Locked in a white room (Klimperei), 6 + 1 (Dominique Petitgand), Bateau & The Kid (Marc Ribot), Surripere (Autechre)

 2017-12-05 Spontaneous session :

Skeleton Walk (Islaja), Exercice De Simple Provocation & Court-Métrage (Thiéfaine), Book Radio Mixer (Ang Song Ming aka Circadian), Papa Tu Parles Trop, Chante Si Tu As Le Blues ! (Philippe Léotard), Wilderbeast (Spunk), La Dèche, Le Twist, Et Le Reste [Concert] (Thiéfaine), Symphony n°3 (Witold Lutoslawski - dir. : Esa-Pekka Salonen)

 2017-11-28 Discovery session :

Voudoun & Nostalgia 2 (John Zorn), Toledo Texas (Jean-Mark Montera, Elio Martusciello, Febiana-Yvonne, Luiji-Martinez), Control 1 (Penguin Cafe), Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana by 2CELLOS), Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin by 2CELLOS), The Trooper - Overture (Iron Maiden by 2CELLOS), La Sette Chiese (Bruno Montovani), No Good Trying (Sid Barret), Sonata in F Minor (Brahms), Deconstruction & Three Hills & Blue Diamond (Daniel Lanois & Rocco Deluca), 24 Track Loop & Music Like Escaping Gas & Water (This Heat), Le Mal De Paris (Mouloudji), 24 Track Loop & Music Like Escaping Gas & Water (This Heat), The Haunted Dance & The Haunted Treehouse (Glenn Kotche), American Magus & In The Very Eye Of Night (John Zorn)

 2017-11-21 Discovery session :

Ricercar & Cantorum & Franz Schubert & Half Certainty (Penguin Cafe), Compagnie - 1 (Samuel Becket by Roger Blin), Les paradis artificiels [3 : L’assassin & 4 : Et après] (Khalil Chahine), Some "Words" Of Introduction (Robert Wyatt), P.L.A (R. Wyatt by toupidek limonade), Left On Man (R. Wyatt by L’Ensemble Rayé), Born Again Cretin (R. Wyatt by Dominique Répécaud), Some Words Of Conclusion (Robert Wyatt), Hey Joe (Jimmy Hendrix), The Polish Rider [Live Amsterdam] (Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard), The Spangle Maker & Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops (Cocteau Twins - concert), Anomaly - Part 1 & Part 6 & Triple Fantasy & The Traveling Turtle (Glenn Kotche), Soundcloud : Strangeland profile (, Evetch & Over The Rainbow & The Love I Feel For You Is More Real Than Ever & Basilio’s Crazy Wedding Song (São Paulo Underground)

 2017-11-14 Discovery session :

Emmental (Cluster), "Blow Winds" (Pauline Oliveros), La maison vide & Katiétchka & Ekatérina Ivanovna & Revolver (Olivier Mellano - Elisa Bellanger : piano), Two Dances From The Conquest Of Mexico - II - Flor De Los Muertos (The Peter Garland Ensemble), Inquisitio & Athlantis (Eyvind Kang), Entire Populations, Pt. IV & Glaciers I, Pt. II (Jessica Moss), Slipping Away (Pauline Oliveros)

 2017-11-07 (Sincronario) session :

Suite Sincronario I Heirro Iron (Micro-Ritmia), Aks (Kiran Ahluwalia), Agfo/Lupo (Kerry Leimer), Symphonie N. 4 ré mineur op. 120 : I (Robert Schumann), Suite Sincronario II Bronze (Micro-Ritmia), Oiseaux No 13 : Lances Levées (Kaija Saariaho), Prométhée Part I-F (Thierry Zaboitzeff), Vocalise (Tzvi Avni), Moscou 8 H (Procédé Rodesco Letort), Schant (Morocco - Various Artists), Possiblilities (Juno aka Timmy Lok), Suite Sincronario III Pet (Micro-Ritmia), Position (Thomas Soulez)

 2017-10-31 "Sympa" session :

Jigsaw Feeling (Siouxsie & The Banshees), Dream a Little Dream (Naara), 626 Fairfax (Don Pullen), Silver And Gold (Country Joe & The Fish), Hangin’ On A Limb (Neil Young), Soloppgang Over Yukigaya (Bjørn Torske), Starman (David Bowie), Algernon’s Simply Awfully Good At Algebra (Malcolm McLaren), Skyway (Stereotyp), Atomic Flash De Luxe (Nina Hagen), Gamelhang (Steve Shehan), Following Behind (John Surman), Sylvester Stallone (Sajjanu), Dear Prudence (Siouxsie & The Banshees)

 2017-10-24 session :

Summer (Teiji Ito), Fra i testi dedicati alle nubi (Salvatore Sciarrino), PNTPS 88 (Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider), Sports Et Divertissements : La Pieuvre (Eric Satie), The Four Temperaments - Var. 1 (Hindemith), Stop It ! (K. Leimer), Coro (beginning - Luciano Berio), Trio pour Piano en la Mineur : I. Modéré (Maurice Ravel), Juana-Guitar Lamento (John Fahey - Bola Sete)

 2017-10-17 session :

Wataka Matata (Joséphine), Mbora I (Nuno Rebelo), Composition No. 69N (Anthony Braxton), Le Barman de Satan (Pascal Comelade), America-Before The War (Steve Reich), L2255 Mix (Ying Fan), Gérard de Nerval (György Kurtág), Talking Durian (Yagi Michiyo), Sin (Wfdd), Down Is Up (Moondog), It’s Not Easy (Ofege), Canons Nach Lateinischen Texten : Dormi Jesu (Anton Webern), Who Likes To Love (William Byrd), Mbora II (Nuno Rebelo)

 2017-10-10 session :

Harpstrings and Lava (Zeena Parkins), Nihil (Nurse With Wound), Crupper (Earl Howard), Sous Les Bombes (René Aubry), Spirit Of Peace 2 (Florian Fricke), A Consequência (Nuno Rebelo), Blue Corn (Sainkho & Garlo) , Oh, Toi La Rivière (Les Musiciens De Lviv)

 2017-09-26 session :

Etreinte (René Aubry), Bande A Part (Jean-François Pauvros, Red, Noël Akchoté), Gibli (Niagara), Enantiomorphs (Matthew Welch), Spirit of Peace 1 (Florian Fricke), If You Can’t (Jessica Pavone), oXymore (Michel Titin-Schnaider), Nocturnorama (Pierre Yves Macé - lien)

 2017-09-12 session :

Tuesday Morning (The Pogues), Far too much for a popular public (Le Professeur Inlassable), Offering (Ravi Shankar & Philip Glass), Yangissa (Aka Pygmies), Entertainment = Control (Anthony Pateras / Erkki Veltheim), Recat (Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer)
 Introduction (on "Tuesday Morning") and beginning of "Far too much for a popular music" are missing in the recording (sorry) -

 2017-05-30 The Pop^Rock session :

Another Day (The Cure), Medley : Dance To The Music / Music Lover / I Want To Take You Higher (Sly & The Family Stone - Woodstock), Bonnie And Clyde (Serge Gainsbourg), Flaming (Pink Floyd), Fru Bruel (Oscar Pettiford), Navigator (The Pogues), From the Flagstones (Cocteau Twins), Strawberry Rain (Ellison), Narcisse 81 (Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine), Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young), Ce Serait Trop Long À Expliquer...(Programme)

 2017-05-23 (no comment) session :

Duo - 2e Mouvement (Michel Godard), Green River (Creedence Clearwater Revival - Woodstock), I’d Like To Love You Baby (J.J. Cale), ContraBasics (Matthias Ziegler), Gradual Requiem - Mvt. 3 (Ingram Marshall), Crysallis (Deep Sleep) (Michel Redolfi), Dark Star (Grateful Dead- Woodstock), Aborigene (Michel Godard)

 2017-05-16 Spontaneous session :

Paus E Pedras, Fogos Acessíveis (Nuno Rebelo), Duo - 1 Mouvement (Michel Godard), Les Nuits d’Été Op.7 "Villanelle" & Phidylé (Renée Flemming : Berlioz & Duparc, alb. Guilty Pleasures), Hope ripped the night & Ta main leurs dents (Nosfell).
Woodstock festival : Handsome Johnny & Freedom (Motherless Child) (Richie Havens in Woodstock festival), Every Hand In The Land (Arlo Guthrie), Sweet Sir Galahad (Joan Baez), Going Up The Country & Woodstock Boogie (Canned Heat), Blood Of The Sun (Mountain).

 2017-05-09 session - special Weather (+ Heresie’s Caucasian Walk version) :

C’est Le Printemps (Léo Ferré), Red Rocking Chair (John Fahey), The Rainstorm (Various Artists @ Woodstock), Snow (Stephan Micus), Sun (John Lydon), A Foggy Day (Charles Mingus), You Must Believe In Spring (Bill Evans), A Day In The Life (Chocolate Snow), Cold Heat (Willits + Sakamoto), Le Printemps - Allegro (Michel Godard), Caucasian Walk (Virgin Prunes)

 2017-05-02 session :

Kamelmusikk (Spunk), Stop the war (Musica Elettronica Viva), Gambuh #1 (Ingram Marshall), Eat (Li Wen Tai aka Vince Li)

 2017-04-25 session :

Globus Im Selben Boot (A.R. Machines), Sod (Li Jianhong), Spiral Insana 2 (Nurse With Wound), Fuga (ricercata) a 6 voci (A. Webern orch. Bach), Turangalîla I (Olivier Messiaen), Gradual Requiem - Mvt. 2 (Ingram Marshall), Shall We Die ? (Incapacitants), Als Hätt Ich Das Alles Schon Mal Gesehen (A.R. Machines)

 2017-04-18 session - special Virgin Prunes’ Rarities :

Twenty Tens (Virgin Prunes), Eyes Closed (Sarathy Korwar), Mad Bird In The Wood (Virgin Prunes), Gradual Siciliano (Ingram Marshall), Range (Joachim Kühn), Jigsawmentallama (Virgin Prunes), You Gotta Crawl Before You Walk (Duke Ellington & His Orchestra), Gestion des ressources humaines (P. Lauzier, P.-Y. Martel, K. Myhr, M. Tétrault), The Happy Dead (Virgin Prunes), Électro-polissage (P. Lauzier, P.-Y. Martel, K. Myhr, M. Tétrault), Caucasian Walk (Virgin Prunes)

 2017-04-11 session - special Peter Garland (alb. Three Strange Angels) :

Obstacles Of Sleep (The Peter Garland Ensemble), Come To Daddy (Virgin Prunes), Ancien combattant (Philippe Léotard), You Can’t See the Forest...Music (Daniel Lentz), Old Men Of The Fiesta I - II - III (The Peter Garland Ensemble), Celesta Solo (Michael Jon Fink), Concerto Grosso - Polyostinato (Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer), We love Deirdre (Virgin Prunes), The Three Strange Angels (The Peter Garland Ensemble)

 2017-04-04 session :

Fetus Omelette (Planetzoo), Fathom (Ulrich Krieger, Lee Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Tim Barnes), How To Practice Scales (Ultraphonist)

 2017-03-28 session :

Words (Neil Young), Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam 2 (MEV), Tompkins Square (Haino Keiji/Yoshida Tatsuya)

 2017-03-21 session - Last Minute session :

The Revelation Of St John (John Zorn : The Hermetic Organ Vol. 3), Spooning Gum Singing Gum (Cocteau Twins : Blue Bell Knoll), Nocturne #7 In C Sharp Minor (Chopin : The Nocturnes - Claudio Arrau), Sally MacLennane (The Pogues : Rum, Sodomy And The Lash), Low & Behold (New Oscar Pettiford Sextet), Andaluza (Manuel De Falla : Noches En Los Jaridines de Espana), The Spangle Maker (Cocteau Twins : The Pink Opaque), Avenue Of The Americas (Moondog : Rare Material), Nocturne #14 In F Sharp Minor (Chopin : The Nocturnes - Claudio Arrau), Gamma 415 - V (Gérard Gastinel - Diastema Saxophone Quartet), The Younger Dryas (Elliott Sharp : Void Coordinates), Canal Street (Haino Keiji/Yoshida Tatsuya : New Rap)

 2017-03-14 session :

Flying Basket (Akira Sakata & Jim O’Rourke With Chikamorachi & Merzbow), Stratosphaere 1, Op.46 (Alireza Mashayekhi), Orphee (composed by John Zorn)

 2017-03-07 session :

Accordion And Drums (Aki Peltonen), Ceylon (K. Leimer), EFRIM (Richard Pinhas), The Phonic Chasm (K. Leimer), Orchestra, Accordion And MW-Radio #2 (Aki Peltonen), Porcelain (K. Leimer), Indefinite Leave To Remain (Sarathy Korwar), Juju Lul (Yximalloo)

 2017-02-28 session - The Unlikely Session :

Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn - Part 1 ; Flake (Jameszoo), Drax (ANA-R), Soup (Jameszoo), Hard Time Empty Bottle Blues III (John Fahey)

 2017-02-21 session - special Spunk (alb. "Den Overste Toppen Pa En Blamalt Flaggstang") :

Flagre (Spunk), A Judas Within - Betrayal (Chas Smith), Wilderbeast (Spunk), Spiral Insana 1 (Nurse With Wound), Wrong (Jameszoo), Retur (Spunk), Lose (Jameszoo), I Have A Dream (Spunk)

 2017-02-15 (Wed. ) session :

The Hesitation Of The Bold (Jack Wright & Alban Bailly), Commentaire 2 de bourreaux de solitude (Pierre Boulez), Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson, John Zorn - Part 1, Toreuma (Arditti String Quartet · Affinis Ensemble · Kyberia · Norwegian Radio Orchestra), 1. Prelude To Alice The Goon, 2. Alice The Goon (Nurse With Wound)

 2017-02-07 session - special Jean Françaix ("Cinq ’Bis’") :

Cinq "Bis" - Pour allécher l’auditoire (Jean Françaix), Forces Productives (Vivenza), Drippy (Blaine L. Reininger), Barcarolle N°13 En Ut Majeur Op.116 (Fauré, Delphine Bardin pn), Nightmare (Teiji Ito, Watermill ensemble), Cinq "Bis" - Pour les dames sentimentales (Françaix), Katsina (Sébastien Roux), III. Precipitato : Piano Sonata No.7 In B Flat "Stalingrad" (Prokofiev), Guilty (Zazou & Bikaye), Aquarello (Hans- Joachim Roedelius), Quantum Express (The Brood), Cinq "Bis" : 1. En cas de succès, 2. En cas de triomphe, 3. En cas de délire (Jean Françaix)

 2017-01-24 session :

Flying Horses (Stephan Micus), Mem (Wim Mertens), 1. Plush, 2. Slavik (Tanya Tagaq Gillis), Eastern Princess (Stephan Micus), Kof (Wim Mertens)

 2017-01-17 session :

Trying To Fit (Angil And The Hiddentracks), Perspectives : Souvenirs du bagne (Luis Naon), Django’s Blues (Django Reinhardt), MYR-5 (Horacio Vaggione), Fermion (Elliot Sharp),Amour Fou (J. Choi, E. Friedlander, S. Drury), L’orizzonte luminoso di Aton (Salvatore Sciarrino)

 2017-01-10 session :

Win (David Bowie), Play-Display (Natasha Sadr Haghighian & Rashad Becker), Bluesy & Las Vegas (Jean Schwartz), Quoi Qui Nia (Charles Pennequin & Jean-François Pauvros), Stück 15 to Stück 18 (Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget)

 2017-01-03 session :

Buchalter Joint (Amsterdam Klezmer Band), 1. PNTPS 3, 2. PNTPS 8, 3. PNTPS 5 (Bill Wells & Stefan Schneider), Lemonaki (Blaine L. Reininger), Reflexions Inward (Don Pullen/George Adams Duo), Musique Mécanique (Juliette Gréco interpr. Boris Vian), Leng T’Che (Naked City), I. Allegro Inquieto : Piano Sonata No.7 In B Flat "Stalingrad" (Prokofiev)

 2016-12-27 session :

Surucucu / Lost / Early Minor / Directions (Weather Report), Refraction (Weasel Walter), Fog Tropes (Ingram Marshall), Faut que j’te cause (Philippe Léotard), Ode To Divorce (Regina Spektor), Keep The Customer Satisfied (Simon & Garfunkel), Sacrifice (Thierry Gomar & Jose Barrachina), Lav, Sucess and Helth (Yximalloo), 422189 (Zslo)